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Why use Zutobi?

Zutobi’s popular Australian driver education course will prepare you to ace your learner’s / driver knowledge test on the first try. It will also broaden you knowledge of traffic laws and increase your driving confidence using science-based learning.

• Pass your learners test on the first try
• Feel confident you’ll learn the entire driver’s handbook
• Get your licence and become roadworthy the easy way

All in all, this course will help you remember the rules of the road in the fastest and easiest manner possible.

Is Zutobi available on web and mobile?

Yes! Our online driver’s education course is available at all times on the web or in our mobile iOS or Android apps. You can switch seamlessly between web and mobile to study at any time, anywhere.

How does the online driver’s education course work?

This is an all-in-one course that consists of both a summarised driver’s handbook and a huge database of exam-like questions. The theory chapters and learner’s permit tests are placed into bite-sized chapters that are easy to read and understand. This means you will fully understand the topic before you move on.

• We have summarised each chapter from the driver’s handbook and added pictures, illustrations and tips to help you understand each situation.
• At the end of each chapter, you will answer exam-like questions about the chapter.

If you only want to study using tests you can easily study for your learner’s test using only our exam-like questions. Practise as much as you want until you feel confident you’ll ace the actual test.

What does the summarized driver’s handbook contain?

Our summarised driver’s handbook is an improved version of the official driver’s handbook. We have covered the chapters in the driver’s handbook and added hundreds of pictures and illustrations to make it much easier to understand and remember the traffic laws. We have also added information about defensive driving techniques, eco-driving, parking tips, and much more.

Who is it for?

Anybody, regardless of age, can take our popular driver’s education course. Our course is ideal if you want to learn to drive, study for your learner’s- or driving test, or if you simply want to freshen up your knowledge.

If you are a first-time driver, you can feel confident our course will help you learn the driving theory necessary to obtain your licence. We also provide practical driving tips that will help you immensely for your driving test.

How many questions are in the course?

This online driver’s education course includes over 500 questions that are almost identical to the questions on the real test.

What is included in the course?

The course is based on the material found in the driver’s handbook. It will also cover topics not found in the handbook, such as safe driving practices, eco-driving, defensive driving, or other essential driving information / tips. You’ll also have access to our large database of exam-like questions.