Free Australian Learners Practice Test 2024


Pass Your 2024 Ls Test with Zutobi

Here are some of the helpful state-specific features we offer in Australia:

  • All the test-relevant, important information that you need to know in order to pass your Ls test. Learn everything from road signs to traffic laws and how to behave on Australian roads.
  • For each state, you get a complete course containing our summarised state-specific driver’s handbook and unlimited practice tests for your exam.
  • Each summarised driver’s handbook is specific for your state, easy to read, and written by driving professionals.
  • Each course contains hundreds of illustrations and pictures to help you understand even the trickiest of situations.
  • Our state-specific learners practice tests simulate the real written exam so you will be 100% prepared on test day.
  • All the questions in our practice tests come with a detailed explanation so you can learn the correct answers and the reasoning behind them.
  • We have been to every Australian state to take pictures of traffic situations and road signs that are relevant for you.

What Questions Are on the Learner’s Test?

Official Ls tests in Australia are designed to only let safe drivers pass - they will thoroughly test all of your vehicle, driving, and road-related knowledge. You can expect to be asked questions on topics like road signs and their meanings, speed limits, penalties and regulations, safe driving skills, and vehicle specifics like when you are allowed to use full beam headlights.

Each of our state-specific courses has all of these factors in mind to help you pass your test, regardless of where you live, on your first try. As each state in Australia has their own version of the learners test, we strongly recommend that you study state-specific questions from our platform.

Is the Actual Learners Test the Same as Zutobi’s Practice Tests?

Our questions are near identical to those on the actual exam. Each question covers a small part of your state’s driver’s handbook, but together they will quiz you on every important traffic-related topic that could come on the learners or drivers test.

In addition to using exam-like questions, we also provide answers and explanations to all the questions. Altogether, the questions combined with our summarised manual make the perfect study guide for your Ls test in any Australian state.

Is the Learners Test Difficult?

Yes, which is why up to 50% of new learner drivers fail (depending on where in Australia you live). We strongly recommend that you prepare thoroughly by studying the entire handbook and a large number of learners practice tests.

To make the perfect study material, our courses combine bite-sized pieces from each state’s driver’s manual with our large database of state-specific and exam-like questions. With Zutobi, you’ll learn everything you need to ace your test!