Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to users of Zutobi AB’s iOS application, Android application or website (collectively the Site) and other interactions (e.g. customer service inquiries, emails, phone calls, etc.) you may have with Zutobi.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you understand what personal data you share with us. This policy describes what, when and how we collect data, and how we use and share your personal data across our services.

By using any of our services, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Information Gathering and Usage

We will collect different information for different purposes depending on how you use the Site.

a. Creating an Account

An Account is required to be able to use the Site and for us to provide service of the Site to you. It can be created on our Websites or in our Apps.

When you create an Account using your email, Facebook or Google - we store the information that you provide. This includes:

  • Your name (if registering using Facebook or Google)
    • used so we can display your name within the Site e.g. on the Leaderboard. It is also used so we can communicate with you using your name
  • Email address
    • your unique ID that we use to track and save your progress on the Site
  • Profile picture (if registering using Facebook or Google)
    • used so we can display your profile picture to you within the Site, and on the “Leaderboard”
  • Your friends/contacts (if registering using Facebook or Google)
    • used on the “Leaderboard” to connect with your friends. This enables you to see all your friends/contacts that are using the Site

You can, at any point, go to “Settings” and click on “disconnect your Facebook or Google account”, or click “delete account”. This will delete all data connected to your Facebook or Google-account from our database.

We will keep your Zutobi data until you request to have it removed. You can at any time request to have your Account deleted, in which case we will delete the data as soon as possible. You will not be able to use the Site after such an event, as all your data will be deleted including any progress or purchases made.

b. Using the Site

We process and control data about your personal use of the Site when you view content or otherwise interact with our services.

The following purposes are why we use and store Usage Data:

  • For error handling and notices. In case something goes wrong or does not work we need to be able to inform you about it and to handle the errors.
  • To sync across devices. To allow you to use your account on more than one device with the same settings, progress and courses, we store your settings and progress bound to your Account.
  • To improve service. We use general statistics and patterns of data to make the service and our Site better. This data includes your mobile phone model, and operating system version. With the data we gather we can improve our service by analyzing when something doesn’t work for a larger group of people. For example, this could include when many users can’t complete a lesson or a category test in a course.

As long as you use our services we will keep this data.

c. Purchasing a service

When you buy a service from us, we may process any data that you provide, including name, address, preferences and payment information (“Transaction Data”). Depending on what you buy and where you live, your data may also be processed by a third party in which case you will be notified about the terms of such processing.

The transaction data will be processed for the purpose of supplying the purchased products and services and keeping proper records of those transactions.

d. Information on the “Leaderboard”

On the “Leaderboard”, you will automatically share some data with others if you have connected using Facebook and/or Google. What you share is your profile picture, your name, your in-app points and your progress. You can, at any time, go into the “Settings” and disable sharing of your information by disconnecting your Facebook and/or Google account.

e. Contacting us

When users contact us, we will process the information provided to assist with the issue at hand. We may also use and process some metadata about your communication, such as your IP-address and the type of web browser. This data will only be used to help figure out the issue and/or help with communication, and is a tool to help us assist you.

This personal data will only be kept for as long as is needed to provide the services or assistance, unless otherwise needed due to legal obligations.

f. Being part of a survey or newsletter

If you fill in a survey, we will store the information that you provide. Some third-party systems may also add some information about you that you did not explicitly provide to us. This information can include your time zone, your IP-address, your country and similar data.

If you receive emails that you are no longer interested in, you can opt out by clicking on an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email newsletter you receive from us. You will then no longer receive newsletter communication from us and we will remove your data within as soon as possible. However, we may still keep your email to supply you with essential information and changes related to the Site, for example changes to the privacy policy.

The data you provide when you fill in inquiries or surveys may be processed to target offering new courses or content to you.

g. Visiting our website

On our websites, we use cookies and similar technologies if your browser supports/accepts them. These cookies can include internally developed cookies as well as third-party cookies. In your browser, you can at any time delete all the cookies we have on you.

You will always be informed on the website if we use cookies.

We use cookies for:

  • Basic functions to let you navigate uninterrupted. These cookies are used to provide a seamless experience by e.g. remembering your authentication (so you won’t have to login every time you enter the site).
  • Personalization of advertising campaigns. These cookies help us estimate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns by examining the reference that a user clicked on to reach our site e.g. how many users came from a Facebook or Google campaign respectively, and who came from a referral link on a blog.
  • Improvement for the website. These cookies enable us to improve our services by monitoring how they are used. We do profiling to understand e.g. how many users that are reading a certain lesson and for how long (to know how far people progress in the course) or if a video file was viewed in its entirety or only for a short time. We may also look at how and where people click to access a certain part of the Site, so we can improve the localization of buttons etc.

Session cookies will expire when you close your browser, and persistent cookies last for a longer time (normally 2-36 months).

Sharing information with third parties

Unless stated below, we do not disclose your personal data to third parties:

  • Within Zutobi and to authorized third parties. We may share personal data within different branches of Zutobi, or to authorized third parties who help us process data for specific purposes. This includes for billing purpose and managing marketing campaigns etc.
  • Change of ownership, a merger or acquisition. If Zutobi is sold, buys another company, merges or in other ways reorganizes the business, your personal data may be disclosed within this prospective group (e.g. among sellers and advisers).
  • Transfers of personal data across international borders. Our services may be using resources located in different countries e.g. servers. This means your personal data may be transferred across borders and outside of the country in which you use the service. If you live in the EAA, this can mean your data is transferred to countries without or with different rules for data protection than within the EAA e.g. the United States of America.
  • Required to by the law. If required to disclose your data to certain authorities or law enforcement, or in accordance with applicable law in e.g. civil or criminal legal proceedings.

Integration of third-party applications

If you use a Third-Party Service to process your personal data (whether integrated into the Site or not), that data will not fall under this Privacy Policy as it won’t be handled by Zutobi.

California Consumer Privacy Act

If you are a resident of California, you have the right to enhanced privacy rights by the California Consumer Privacy Act. To exercise such a right, please send us an email at

Data Subject’s Rights

You have a right to know the personal data we store about you, and to have this data deleted. You also have a right to at any time unsubscribe from direct marketing messages. However, even if you opt out of direct marketing messages we will still email you about critical changes (e.g. changes to the Privacy Policy).

You can at any time exercise these rights by either contacting us at, or using the tools at your disposal at the Site to discontinue the service and delete all personal data we have saved.


Online security is important to us, which is why we have built a system that takes appropriate steps to ensure your personal data is safe and protected.

Age of users

Data is not knowingly collected on children without the consent of parents or guardians. If below 18, you must review the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy policy with your parent(s) or guardian(s), and you must have your parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to continue using the services provided, or stop using the services.

The Personal Data controller

The controller of your data is:
Zutobi AB at Slottstradgardsgatan 5, 802 66, Gavle, Sweden

Contact us at for any questions or requests regarding your personal data.