Ace your Permit Test

Getting your driver's license should be easy. Therefore, we have created an all-in-one app containing everything you need to ace the exam
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All-in-one resource

Your complete DMV Prep resource - including a summarized handbook, all the practice tests you need, exam simulator, and much more! Rest assured, all of our courses are state-specific.
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Summarized DMV Manual

We've summarized the entire DMV Manual into an easy-to-read format without all the unnecessary drivel. Download the app right now and toss all your other study materials - you won't need them.
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All the questions you need

Test your knowledge using hundreds of questions based on the official 2022 DMV Manual for your state. Every question comes with a detailed explanation to help you understand better.
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Learn by seeing

Lots of pictures and illustrations will prepare you for tricky situations you may encounter as a driver.
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Have fun while learning

Studying doesn't have to be boring - earn points, level up and compete with your friends.

Android & iOS

Switch seamlessly between your computer and mobile device
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How does it work?

Learn a specially prepared theory

Go through the exam-like tests

Finish final test simulating your official exam

Pass your DMV test and get your license


10 May 2022

Jesus Flores

Very awesome school driving class practicing app. I did pass the test by setting up in your private lessons to study yourself every day. so👍Now you can!!.

8 May 2022

Bossmoss king

it is an efficient way to prepare for a drivers license.

7 May 2022

Emina Sweatler

This app is easier to study on than reading the whole manual without questions between each chapter to test if you understand. It also helps with understanding split second decisions that could end up saving a life on the road.

5 May 2022

Jalisa McNair

I passed my test thanks to this app

27 Apr 2022


its a good learning process

24 Apr 2022

Shabir Ahmad

good good good

23 Apr 2022

Bessie Janics

Helped me get my Temps 100% worth it


I literally love this app. I downloaded this app yesterday and studied all day. I took my permit test today and passed it with a perfect score. I don’t understand why everyone is complaining yes you do have to pay but there’s a 3 day free trial after that you have to pay. I did all 60 levels in one day because I had to take the test the next day. If you can’t afford it just use the free 3 day trial and memorize and much as you can. This app makes studying fun and entertaining. I couldn’t stay studying for more than 20 minutes on the Book I’ll end up falling asleep but I studied all day this this app which is shocking to me. There’s even an option to pay $9.99 a month instead of $4.99 a week. $10 a month is not expensive especially for the amount of information this app gives you! I know this a long review but I’m just in disbelief of how much I’ve learned in a couple of hours. When I first downloaded the app I literally had no clue about anything that do with driving. A Day later I passed my permit test with a perfect score. Anyways the point is I loveeee this app and give it a try!

Shelby K :)

Hi! If you want to get your permit but you just can’t sit down and read the book, maybe it’s the attention span (that’s me) or you just don’t have time (also me) or maybe the book is just too boring (also one of my problems 😂) this app helps out with these problems a lot. It’s on your phone and so whenever you have free time just open the app click on the next chapter and start reading. The chapter are just shortened versions of the actual book so you get all the information you need just in a shortened version! The app is colorful and it’s like a game. If you pass the tests, you get points and go to different levels, with these different levels, you get a different car each time! So it really grabs your attention and makes you wanna keep passing the tests and keep up to see how many points you get. So if anything I said sounds like wow that sounds fun or wow that would really help me out, then definitely get this app and check it out! 10/10 would recommend! 👍👍


I am so nervous about my taking my test. I have been wanting to go to drivers school for a while now. I asked my mom she said it’ll have to wait then a couple of days ago me and my oldest sister was talking about how she was gonna get me a car and which one we wanted then she said something about drivers class that I’ve been wanting to go to. She called up to the place and signed me in I was excited then she said I had to take a permits test, I got scared because I thought I would fail it because I know nothing about driving really. My mom let me drive her car a few times and I did really good. I went on google to see what the questions was like and I barley knew the answers to them. Then I saw a ad for this app and I haven’t felt more confident taking a test in my life. If your looking for something that will help you pass your test for sure this is the app for you.


I LOVE this app. I have one year until I can get my permit, so I want to know everything about driving. This is definitely the perfect app for that. I have learned so much already about driving since the second lesson! The lessons are quick and easy. This app basically has you take these quizzes, and you answer which you think is right. (it's multiple choice) It will tell you if you're wrong/right, and then gives some helpful reasons why the rule is that way. The only thing I don't like about this app, is all the ads I have to watch because I don't have the full version. To unlock a level, you have to watch an ad. I understand that watching the ads help bring money to the company that made this, but maybe we can watch an ad every other level instead? Despite that, I love this app and definitely recommend it!


It’s not even expensive.. Single teen mom here who waitresses, so I’m busy. This app helped me stay on track. Everything about it is amazing. I have adhd and some learning issues, but the way they set the curriculum.. not too much reading but enough to inform you about everything. After each chapter (which none are super crazy extensive long) you take a short quiz. All throughout the levels. I think there’s like 62 levels before the final test. I’ve passed every level 80%+ and I’m on level 42 I believe. I love it. It’s an amazing app whoever created it deserves a raise and recognition forreals cus I still wouldn’t know anything abt driving or have the enthusiasm to get my license if it weren’t for this app. Definitely worth it. 11/10 would recommend


I’ve always wanted to drive but I could never push myself to read the handbook I would always lose interest. So when I heard about the Zutobi app from a ad I decided to check it out. I read through the description and it talked about how you don’t need to read the manual and it basically summarizes it for me. I instantly downloaded it and started going through it. Although there is a pretty pricey paywall that you need to purchase to get through the app I found it extremely worth it. I just finished taking my written exam at the DMV and passed it first try. Anyone who is struggling to read the handbook I highly recommend giving this app a try.


For an app that offers a premium service, but ESSENTIALLY since its a free app, its definitely worth the down load. Granted, if you have a good but of common sense, a majority of the questions are fairly easy. At the start I was reading the lessons they offer before the test, and its good information. However I found that even just skipping straight to the test I average getting 90% of them correct regardless. But the 10% I get wrong was a nice learning experience. They have state specific questions as well which I thought was nice. All in all I didn't need the app, but if your concerned about how clueless to feel when it comes to the rules of the road, this app does a great job to reaffirming your knowledge.


In my ownOpinion this app is quite magnificent, not only does it teach you about the rules of driving, but it teaches you way more, it teaches you about the road, the signs, towing, marking, etc. did you do everything that you need to know about driving and just simple things that you need to know for life. I think this app gives information that if not known would leave you super uneducated. When driving you need to know everything not only for your safety but for possibly others in the car or other on the street, it’s always good to be safe. Without this app I probably would’ve failed my drivers tests.