Ace your Permit Test with Zutobi

Getting your driver's license should be easy. Therefore, we have created an all-in-one app containing everything you need to ace the exam.
Ace your Permit Test with Zutobi

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All-in-one resource

Your complete DMV Prep resource - including a summarized handbook, all the practice tests you need, exam simulator, and much more! Rest assured, all of our courses are state-specific.
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Summarized DMV Manual

We've summarized the entire DMV Manual into an easy-to-read format without all the unnecessary drivel. Download the app right now and toss all your other study materials - you won't need them.
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All the questions you need

Test your knowledge using hundreds of questions based on the official 2023 DMV Manual for your state. Every question comes with a detailed explanation to help you understand better.
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Learn by seeing

Lots of pictures and illustrations will prepare you for tricky situations you may encounter as a driver.
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Have fun while learning

Studying doesn't have to be boring - earn points, level up and compete with your friends.

Android & iOS

Switch seamlessly between your computer and mobile device
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How does it work?

Learn using bite-sized lessons

Go through the exam-like tests

Finish final test simulating your official exam

Pass your DMV test and get your license


10 Sep 2023

Hermine Kouadio


9 Sep 2023

Bobby Garland


4 Sep 2023


would be nice if could turn in tests optional electronically to a local DMV services, site or email address or app

26 Aug 2023

Jorge Ramos


23 Aug 2023

Soufiane Toura

it very nice

18 Aug 2023

Karma Daniels

i need to get my license fast.i hope this does the job.

14 Aug 2023

Mc Knockdown

Easy to use while giving descriptful and helpful descriptions helping me ace m6 permit with a 18/18


Hi I’m Kiriah, and I’m 15 and taking my drivers-ED class this upcoming summer. I’m not gonna lie, I think this app is gonna help so much for when I go and take the actual class, and that questions are so accurate, which of course they have to be if they are anything for help I suppose. I’m so excited to be able to tell my parents that I’ve been studying for the class. The best part about it is that it’s not boring at all, at least I don’t think so. Zutobi allows you to see pictures and visualize what is actually happening so you can answer the questions correctly, but you still shod read the script that is provided before the quiz so you actually can understand what the pictures are showing and what the questions are asking. If you don’t know how to answer the question just choose the one that makes most sense to you. I definitely recommend Zutobi to people like me that have yet to take the class, and even people that have taken the class just to test themselves to see how they do. Like I said already I find the app super helpful, and makes me look forward to taking the class. I hope this was helpful, and I hope you try the app, I really enjoy it. Also I hope this paragraph makes sense to you😂.

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I literally love this app. I downloaded this app yesterday and studied all day. I took my permit test today and passed it with a perfect score. I don’t understand why everyone is complaining yes you do have to pay but there’s a 3 day free trial after that you have to pay. I did all 60 levels in one day because I had to take the test the next day. If you can’t afford it just use the free 3 day trial and memorize and much as you can. This app makes studying fun and entertaining. I couldn’t stay studying for more than 20 minutes on the Book I’ll end up falling asleep but I studied all day this this app which is shocking to me. There’s even an option to pay $9.99 a month instead of $4.99 a week. $10 a month is not expensive especially for the amount of information this app gives you! I know this a long review but I’m just in disbelief of how much I’ve learned in a couple of hours. When I first downloaded the app I literally had no clue about anything that do with driving. A Day later I passed my permit test with a perfect score. Anyways the point is I loveeee this app and give it a try!

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At 20 years old it’s embarrassing to say that I just got my learners permit. I just “got around” to it because I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD due to trauma from bad car accidents in the past. When I downloaded this app, I had no hope. I started using it to study, and thanks to the reminder setting, I actually went back to studying from time to time. All of a sudden I had the courage to try and drive in a parking lot, so I did. It was terrifying at first, but I did it. After a while of studying and the mini tests that the app provides, I decided to make an appointment to receive at least my permit. I got to the “final test” on the app and I passed, I took it a few more times and I passed those times as well, so instead of waiting for my appointment, I just walked into my dmv. Of course I was still scared of failing, but I’m proud and happy to say that I passed with flying colors. Not a single incorrect answer. This app truly helped me learn all of the knowledge that I needed for the test, along with keeping me on track. I 100% recommend.

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Shelby K :)

Hi! If you want to get your permit but you just can’t sit down and read the book, maybe it’s the attention span (that’s me) or you just don’t have time (also me) or maybe the book is just too boring (also one of my problems 😂) this app helps out with these problems a lot. It’s on your phone and so whenever you have free time just open the app click on the next chapter and start reading. The chapter are just shortened versions of the actual book so you get all the information you need just in a shortened version! The app is colorful and it’s like a game. If you pass the tests, you get points and go to different levels, with these different levels, you get a different car each time! So it really grabs your attention and makes you wanna keep passing the tests and keep up to see how many points you get. So if anything I said sounds like wow that sounds fun or wow that would really help me out, then definitely get this app and check it out! 10/10 would recommend! 👍👍

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Kaylamia B

I would recommend this app, It’s so worth it. I’m studying for my permit test and just taking the DMV practice test or trying to read the book is so boring. I feel they make the question very confusing and hard to understand but with this app I understand everything. I love that they give you pictures to show what is happening or what it is looks like. I like that they give you preview and explain about whatever section u are doing before taking the test for that section. It also explains to you why you got the answer wrong or got it right. Then after a few sections you can take a mini test on those sections u did already. I found this app very helpful so i would definitely recommend it. Especially you’re like me and a visual learner this is the app for you. Plus if you buy the app you get the first 3 days for free and then you start to pay for it. You can even cancel before you start to pay.

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I am so nervous about my taking my test. I have been wanting to go to drivers school for a while now. I asked my mom she said it’ll have to wait then a couple of days ago me and my oldest sister was talking about how she was gonna get me a car and which one we wanted then she said something about drivers class that I’ve been wanting to go to. She called up to the place and signed me in I was excited then she said I had to take a permits test, I got scared because I thought I would fail it because I know nothing about driving really. My mom let me drive her car a few times and I did really good. I went on google to see what the questions was like and I barley knew the answers to them. Then I saw a ad for this app and I haven’t felt more confident taking a test in my life. If your looking for something that will help you pass your test for sure this is the app for you.

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I LOVE this app. I have one year until I can get my permit, so I want to know everything about driving. This is definitely the perfect app for that. I have learned so much already about driving since the second lesson! The lessons are quick and easy. This app basically has you take these quizzes, and you answer which you think is right. (it's multiple choice) It will tell you if you're wrong/right, and then gives some helpful reasons why the rule is that way. The only thing I don't like about this app, is all the ads I have to watch because I don't have the full version. To unlock a level, you have to watch an ad. I understand that watching the ads help bring money to the company that made this, but maybe we can watch an ad every other level instead? Despite that, I love this app and definitely recommend it!

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I failed the written test 3 times and was losing hope in myself. I struggled to read the handbook because I’m more of a visual learner and a lot of the things said were things I failed to understand or think about. It wasn’t until my cousin and mom recommended me this app that it has been the best that has ever helped me. After many websites and other apps, nothing has helped me understand the rules of the road more than this app. As a visual learner, it has helped me visualize and put myself in scenarios so much better than any other website or app has done for me. Today is the day I passed the test within a week of using the app, and I was able to successfully pass after all these months! I am very thankful and 100% recommend the app to people!

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