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Tennessee teens and adults now have a much better way to study for their permit test.

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Zutobi has taken the hassle and headaches out of preparing for the Tennessee permit test by taking all of the stuff you’ll have to know and putting it into a format that’s easy to consume, easy to follow, and best of all, fun!
Our course streamlines all of the traffic laws, road signs, and more, and puts them in one convenient place. Everything is broken down into understandable and digestible pieces. We added colorful pictures, illustrations, and other visuals that will help you better imagine yourself in tricky situations and use the knowledge you’ve acquired to solve them. We also included many Tennessee permit practice tests that will help you prepare for the real thing.
Get our course now and give yourself the best chance of acing your Tennessee permit test!

Pass Your Tennessee DMV Permit Test With Flying Colors

We’ve made a simple, streamlined, and engaging system for studying for your permit test. Our system is proven to produce successful drivers. With Zutobi’s engaging, inventive, and best of all, fun, platform, you can:

  • Enjoy studying our easy-to-read and summarized Tennessee driver’s handbook.
  • Learn Tennessee’s traffic laws, what each road sign means, and important safe driving skills.
  • Track your progress by earning points, beating your friends in the Leaderboard, and having tons of fun.
  • Learn wherever it’s convenient for you on any device. Switch seamlessly between your computer and mobile phone.
  • Become more confident in your knowledge as it grows, and inform your dad who has the right-of-way at an intersection.
  • Test your knowledge with our Tennessee permit practice tests, which are designed to be just like the real thing.
  • Pass your Tennessee permit test the first time you take it (95% of Zutobi customers do).
  • Save time, money, and effort by doing it right the first time and be on your way to getting your driver’s license!

Is The Tennessee DMV Written Test Hard?

As long as you study effectively, the Tennessee permit test isn’t particularly hard. But unfortunately, most people study too little, or study using ineffective materials, which is why almost 50% fail their permit test on the first try.

With Zutobi, you can rest assured we’ve got your back. Our practice tests and summarized handbook will make passing the test a breeze.

How Many Questions Are on the Permit Test?

The Tennessee permit test is 30 multiple choice questions on traffic laws, such as what to do at a railroad crossing, defensive driving tips, all of the road signs, and other traffic laws. A passing grade is answering 24 of 30 (80%) questions correctly.

What Is It Like To Drive In Tennessee?

The Good

Tennessee ranks #1 among all of the states in the category of ‘Cost Ownership & Maintenance.’
Tennessee had four cities on Allstate’s list of top 200 cities in terms of driver’s safety in 2019. Knoxville ranked the highest at #19, Chattanooga #31, Clarksville #47, and Memphis #100.

The Bad

20% of people in Tennessee are driving without insurance, which is fifth-worst in the country.
Tennessee had the 29th highest rate of drunk driving arrests last year. The state's DUI arrest rate in 2018 was 300 per 100,000 drivers.

The Ugly

In 2019, 935 people died in traffic-related accidents according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.
On average, about 1.11 vehicle-related deaths per 100 million miles driven happen across the nation, but Tennessee sees roughly 1.41 vehicle-related deaths per 100 million miles.
As of October 2020, 953 people died in Tennessee in vehicle accidents this year.

Why Put Your Trust In Zutobi?

Since 2018, Zutobi has helped thousands of young people achieve greatness by passing their Tennessee DMV permit test on their first try. Our goal was to make a course that was not only robust and comprehensive but also convenient, easy-to-use, and fun. We believe we’ve achieved that and based on all of the safe, responsible, and happy drivers we’ve helped, we think you’ll agree.

Take Our Free Tennessee Permit Practice Test Now

Go ahead and try our FREE Tennessee DMV practice test, apply your knowledge, and see how you do. If you don’t do so well, we built an awesome course that will help you do better next time!

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