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Free Kansas Permit Practice Tests

If you’re a teen who is studying for the Kansas permit test with the driver’s handbook, stop! There is a much better way to learn and retain all the knowledge you’ll need to pass your learner’s permit test. With the Zutobi app, you get all of the traffic laws, legal and illegal maneuvers, Kansas state regulations, and much more in one convenient app. The days of struggling through the Kansas driver’s manual are long gone.

Our cutting-edge app removes the long, dull parts of the handbook and breaks them down into small bite-sized pieces so they’re easy to understand and retain. Our app is more like a game than a study guide because we’ve added points, levels, and games you can play against your friends in addition to several Kansas DMV practice tests.

People learn better when they have fun in the process and that’s probably why 95% of Zutobi users pass their Kansas permit test on the first try. Sign up with Zutobi and kiss the handbook goodbye forever.

Use Zutobi’s App to Pass Your Kansas Permit Test

With Zutobi’s engaging, inventive, and best of all, fun, app, you can:

  • Stop staring at the driver’s handbook and start studying for the Kanas permit test more effectively.
  • Learn Kansas traffic laws, road signs, defensive driving, and safe driving techniques as you get over any fear of driving —and confidently notify your dad that he’s making an illegal U-turn.
  • Gain points as you gain knowledge. Level up and compete with your friends.
  • Practice your skills using our archive of past and present test questions. Our Kansas DMV practice tests are designed to imitate the real thing!
  • Review and learn from your mistakes—all of the right answers are included in our FREE DMV practice tests.
  • Pass your Kansas permit test the first time (only 1 of 20 Zutobi teen drivers fail their written test).
  • Do it right with Zutobi. Get your learner’s permit, move on to ace your driving test, and get your Kansas driver’s license.

Is Passing the Kansas Permit Test Hard?

Not if you study and study effectively. If you try to study only using the Kansas driver’s handbook, you’ll have everything you need to pass the test. However, is that important information easy to understand? No. Is it easy to find? No. Will the handbook put you to sleep? Probably. Around 50% of people who take the learner’s permit test around the nation fail their first time.

With our app, all the pertinent information is laid out for you in easy to understand and engaging tidbits. You can breeze through the levels, taking in and retaining the information you’ll need to not only pass your Kansas permit test but ace it.

What Is It Like to Drive in Kansas?

The Good:

  • Ranked #6 in the nation in terms of Traffic & Infrastructure and #11 overall in the same study.
  • Kansas had two cities on Wallethub’s 2020’s Best and Worst Cities to Drive In. Wichita ranked #22 on the list and Kansas City ranked #25.
  • Less than 11% of Kansas’s roads are in poor condition compared to the national average of 23.5%

The Bad:

  • Kansas drivers are among the worst in terms of texting while driving, not wearing seatbelts, failing to signal, and other minor infringements, according to one survey. The report ranked Kansas as #4 of all the states for most citations.

The Ugly:

  • A study conducted by Kansas State University revealed that once the state bumped up speed limits, the number of deaths on the roads skyrocketed. In three years after the bump occurred, crashes went up 27% and fatalities and injuries climbed 35%.
  • There were 405 deaths on Kansas roads in 2018.

Take Our Free Kansas Practice Test Now

There are 25 multiple choice questions on the Kansas permit test. You must answer 80% of the questions correctly to get a passing score. Go ahead and take a FREE Kansas DMV practice test now! Our permit practice tests will show your right and wrong answers so you can learn from your mistakes in real-time.

And if you find that you could use a little more help to pass the written test, we built a cutting-edge app to do just that.