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The New Hampshire DMV permit test consists of 40 questions, and you must answer at least 25 questions correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official NH exam.

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When facing a green light at an intersection, you may proceed:

Before proceeding at an intersection, you're always required to yield to traffic already in the intersection. This applies even if you're facing a green light.

What can you be charged with for leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death or personal injury?

Drivers convicted of leaving a crash scene resulting in death or personal injury will be charged with a Class B felony. The punishment for a Class B felony in New Hampshire is imprisonment for up to 7 years.

What information should you exchange with other involved parties in a car accident?

Exchange your name, address, driver's license information, insurance information and phone number with anyone else involved in the crash. After exchanging information, write down as much information about the crash as possible. This includes weather conditions, road conditions, time of the crash, and how the crash occurred. This will help determine who is at fault and help with insurance claims. Crashes in in New Hampshire must be reported in incidents of injury, fatality, or vehicle- or property damage exceeding $1,000. The deadline to file the report is 15 days.

When may you turn right on a red light?

If the turn can be made safely, you may turn right on a red light in New Hampshire after coming to a complete stop and yielding to any pedestrians/vehicles lawfully proceeding through the intersection. Look for signs that prohibit the turn.

What should you do if you crash into an unattended vehicle and you're unable to locate the owner?

If you crash into an unattended vehicle, you're expected to make a reasonable attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle. If unable to locate the owner, you should instead leave a note in a secure place with your contact information and details regarding the crash. In additon, you should take pictures of the scene (including damage to the other car and their license plate number), and notify your insurance company as well as the nearest police department about the accident. Crashes in in New Hampshire must be reported in incidents of injury, fatality, or vehicle- or property damage exceeding $1,000. The deadline to file the report is 15 days.

How far away from a school bus loading or unloading passengers do vehicles have to stop?


In in New Hampshire, vehicles from both directions have to stop at least 25 feet away from a school bus loading or unloading passengers. School buses use flashing red lights to indicate that the bus is stopped to load or unload school children. Do not proceed until the school bus has started driving again or the lights have stopped flashing. A stop is not required when driving on the opposite side of a divided highway.

Are headsets or earplugs prohibited while driving?

In New Hampshire, there is no prohibition on wearing headsets while driving. However, you should be very careful about covering your ears entirely as you will miss the visual queues otherwise present in the road environment.

When may you turn left on a red light?

Many states allow drivers to turn left from a one-way street onto another one-way street, but that is not the case in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, you must not turn left on red unless signs permit.

Why must you be prepared to stop when driving behind a school bus and approaching a railroad crossing?

School buses and vehicles carrying passengers for hire must stop at all railroad crossings in in New Hampshire. If you are driving behind any of these vehicles, you should be prepared to stop as well.

Texting while driving is:


Texting and the use of any hand-held devices while driving is prohibited for all drivers in in New Hampshire. This is because any such use will severely distract you and increase the risk of a crash. In addition, novice drivers under 18 are prohibited from all cell phone use while driving. It's recommended that you pull off the road and stop if you need to make a call. Never use a phone when driving in hazardous conditions as you must focus all your attention on driving.

What is the standard maximum speed limit in any rural residence district?

The standard speed limit in rural residence districts in New Hampshire is 35 mph unless signs indicate otherwise. Other statutory speed limits include 30 mph in business or urban residence districts and 40 mph when towing a house trailer.

For how long must you signal before making a turn?

To let other drivers know of your intention to turn, New Hampshire law states that you are required to signal for at least 100 feet before making a turn. On a highway, you should signal for at least 500 feet before turning.

Which statement is true regarding railroad crossings with STOP signs:


All drivers MUST come to a complete stop when facing a STOP sign even when the coast is believed to be clear. After you have stopped, you may proceed across the tracks if there aren’t any approaching trains.

What does this sign mean?


This sign tells you where passing is prohibited. It’s often located in areas with ‘hidden’ driveways, hills, curves, or places where other driving hazards exist.

What's the results of heavy spray?


Heavy spray will significantly reduce your visibility as water will be thrown up in the air. If you meet an oncoming vehicle that is likely to enter a large puddle, be prepared for your vision to significantly worsen before water can clear from the windshield.

Are you allowed to go under or around lowered/lowering gates at a railroad crossing?


Lowered gates and flashing red traffic signals tell you to STOP. Wait for the gates to rise AND the lights to stop flashing before proceeding.

Driving with under-inflated will ______ the risk of tire blowout.


Driving with under-inflated tires will increase the risk of tire blowout. Remember to check your tires air pressure and the tire tread depth regularly.

Which statement is true regarding signaling?


Watch out for how other vehicles are acting (e.g. slowing down or turning), and don’t believe blindly in turn signals. Other drivers may signal too early or forget to turn off their turn signal after turning.

Should you drive if you are feeling depressed or angry?


Emotions can affect your driving. They will distract you and change the way you react. If you are experiencing turbulent emotions, you should ask yourself if you can drive safely before getting into your car.

Why should you make sure that your turn signals are canceled after turning?

You can mislead other road users if you don’t cancel your signals. 

Sometimes your signals won’t self-cancel, and you must then make sure that you turn them off.

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