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Free Colorado Permit Practice Tests

Colorado is a beautiful state. The vibrant aspens in the fall, the snow in the winter, and the majestic Rocky Mountains will take your breath away. Do you want to know what isn’t beautiful? The Colorado driver’s handbook. If you’re a new driver wondering “How can I pass my permit test in Colorado?” we suggest you avoid the overwhelming, tedious manual.

What do we suggest, you ask? Our driving app called Zutobi, obviously. With our gamified approach to driver education, you can learn the rules of the road in Colorado without the driver’s handbook. We provide free Colorado DMV practice tests, information on state traffic laws and road signs, and tips on how to handle stressful situations while driving like a blown tire. .

Zutobi Can Help You Ace Your Colorado DMV Permit Test

With Zutobi, 95% of our customers pass their learner’s permit test on their first try. For reference, more than 50% of teens fail their permit test the first time. Zutobi is proven to help you pass your Colorado permit test, so let us help you:

  • Forget the driver’s manual and learn to drive the fun way.
  • Learn about traffic laws like coming to a complete stop at a stop sign (feel free to critique your parents on that one), road signs, and safe driving skills.
  • With our free Colorado practice permit tests, you can test your knowledge before you sit down to take the real thing.
  • We offer practice multiple choice questions along with their answer and explanations. Test yourself and learn from your mistakes.
  • Learn from anywhere at any time from any device with our convenient app.

How Many Questions are on the DMV Permit Test in Colorado?

There are 25 questions on the Colorado DMV permit test. In order to pass the written exam, you must answer 20 (or 80%) of those questions correctly. Zutobi offers practice test questions taken from current and past Colorado permit tests. With these, and our other resources designed specifically to be easily recalled, the written test shouldn’t be a problem.

Is the Colorado Permit Test Hard?

Like every other test, that depends on how you study. Zutobi’s approach takes the boring out of studying. We can help you learn how to drive, practice for your DMV permit test, and feel confident behind that wheel, all in a fun and engaging way.

What Is It Like Driving in Colorado?

The Centennial State is beautiful, yes. But, here are some facts about driving in Colorado, some of which aren’t so pretty.

The Good:

  • The process to earn a driver’s license in Colorado requires 12 months of supervised driving. This way, teens have experience driving in all weather conditions before they are alone in a car.
  • Colorado is home to some spectacular views, and most of those views are accessible by vehicle. Once you have your license, Colorado’s beauty is yours to discover.

The Bad:

  • Marijuana is legal in Colorado, and the number of drivers who tested positive for marijuana use involved in fatal crashes has risen sharply since 2013.
  • In 2016, drivers ages 15-20 accounted for 7% of the 880 total drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado.
  • According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, careless driving accounted for 46% of the young driver crashes in 2017.

The Ugly:

Take a FREE Colorado DMV Permit Practice Test

WARNING: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. And by objects, we mean a passing score on your written test, not the driver’s manual. Download the Zutobi app now and have access to free Colorado practice permit tests and all of the other information you need to earn a score that’s as beautiful as a Rocky Mountain view.