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Renewing Your Colorado Driver’s License: A Complete Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 06, 2022

Renewing your driver’s license in the state of Colorado is straightforward, but will take a bit of preparation on your part. You may renew your adult license at any time prior to the expiration date on your license. However, if your license has been expired for over a year, you will be required to apply for a new one.

Be sure to read our guide in its entirety to understand all your options when it comes to renewing your Colorado driver’s license.

What Documents Do You Need to Bring?

You will be required to bring certain documents to the Colorado DMV in order to complete your license renewal. Below is a full list of the required documents:

  • Your Valid CO License
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Proof of current Colorado address
  • Proof of US citizenship or legal presence
  • Payment method

How to Renew a Colorado Driver’s License

Renewal In Person

All Colorado residents can decide to renew their license in person. However, certain groups of people are required to visit their local DMV in order to complete the process.

If any of the following apply to you, you will be required to renew your license in person:

  • You are upgrading from a minor driver’s license to an adult license
  • You are older than 65 years old
  • You possess a SB251 license
  • You have a SSN that is not on file with the DMV
  • Your name has changed
  • You need to retake the written or road test
  • You have already completed two consecutive online renewals
  • You wish to have a new ID picture taken

These are the steps to complete an in-person renewal:

  1. Schedule an appointment at your local Colorado DMV
  2. Bring necessary documentation
  3. Psss vision exam
  4. Pay $26 renewal fee ($80 for SB251 license) – paid by cash, check, or card
  5. Have your picture and fingerprint taken
  6. Recieve your license within 30 days

Renewal By Mail

Drivers who are eligible for renewal by mail will receive notification of their eligibility by mail. You may only renew your Colorado driver’s license by mail every other renewal period. If you would like to check your eligibility yourself, visit the Colorado DMV website.

To complete license renewal by mail, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Check your eligibility or confirm you have received notification from the DMV
  2. Complete this license renewal form
  3. Include $26 ($80 for SB251 license) renewal fee by check or money order with 9-digit DL number written
  4. Send complete application with payment to this address:

State of Colorado

Department of Revenue

Division of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 173345

Denver, CO 80217-3345

  1. Allow eight weeks for your application to be processed and have your license mailed

Note: Your application will be rejected if you:

  • Fail to include the correct fee
  • Fail to sign the application
  • Fail to complete the entire form
  • Fail to include proper documentation
  • Fail to record your license number

Renewal Online

If you are not required to complete an in-person renewal and had your last renewal completed at a Colorado DMV center, you will be allowed to complete an online renewal.

Additionally, be sure that you satisfy the following requirements:

  • You are over 21 years of age
  • Have all outstanding tickets paid
  • Have no pending convictions on your driving record
  • Do not need to complete a knowledge or road exam

Once you have identified your eligibility for online renewal, visit the Colorado DMV website and follow the posted directions in order to complete your license renewal online. You must possess a credit card to pay $26 in fees (plus administrative costs) for your new license.

Renewing Expired License

Renewing an expired license is not ideal, but necessary under a few select circumstances. The state of Colorado offers drivers a 30-day grace period after their license expires. A year after your license expires, you will be required to retake your written and road exams.

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That’s It

That’s all you need to know when completing a Colorado driver’s license renewal! Be sure to reference this guide anytime your license is nearing its expiration date.

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