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  • School Management - manage your business operations, schedules, lessons, students, instructors, locations, payments, billing, and more.
  • Learning Materials - provide amazing materials to your students, including Drivers Ed, driving instructor videos, and behind-the-wheel training videos.
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Zutobi Instructor - Everything You Need
to Run a Successful Driving School

School Management

School ManagementStudent management
Student learning booklet
Online booking

Learning Materials

Learning Materials#1 U.S Drivers
Ed app access
State-specific courses
Behind-the-wheel videos
Practical skills videos

Setup & Support

Setup & SupportDedicated
Secure data protection
Depends on the competitor
Setup time30 minutes30+ days
PricingFree Trial$6-15 per student

Student management For Your School

Student management For Your School
Effective Student Management
Easily get the full picture for each student, including contact info, payments, package time, lessons, progress, pick-up/drop-off location, and more.
Advanced Scheduling
Eliminate paperwork and manual scheduling. Seamlessly manage instructor calendars and multiple locations, with all changes updated in real-time.
Driving Instructor Overview
See one or several driving instructors’ schedules side-by-side to instantly get an overview of open slots and where to schedule new students.
Smart Reminders
Reduce no-shows with our smart reminders. No more texting or chasing students. Zutobi Instructor has automatic reminders that are a proven way to reduce the number of no-shows for driving lessons.
Student management For Your School
Overview of the Day/Week/Month
Stay organized and easily see upcoming appointments and lessons.
Simplified Payments
Allow students to pay for their lessons online and keep on top of your cash flow. Easily track and connect all payments to lessons to know where you’re at.
Keep Track of Each Student’s Progress
Follow your student’s skill level and progress with our learning booklet. Easily update and share progress reports with parents and other instructors.
Online Booking Requests
Boost your school's online presence with our easy request system! Add a link to your website, letting students request lessons hassle-free. Cut down on paperwork, save time, and minimize phone calls.

Learning Materials For Your Students

Give Your Students Access to Zutobi Drivers Ed - The #1 Drivers Ed App in the US


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5-star ratings

#1 U.S. Drivers Ed app
Provide your students with access to the most popular Drivers Ed app, loved by learners across the nation.
Improve Your Curriculum
Use our top quality theory, videos and other learning materials to improve your lessons.
Complete Offering
We have something for every driving school, whether you need instructional videos, supplementary drivers education, behind-the-wheel training videos, or in-classroom materials.
Large Video Library
Large collection of behind-the-wheel training and practical skills videos, covering everything from parallel parking to changing a flat tire. Often used to reduce driving anxiety among our partner driving schools.
Modern Learning
Our Drivers Ed platform has proven to increase student engagement through its gamified and modern approach to learning.
Make Your Driving School Stand Out
Our material will make your driving school stand out in a competitive market.
Driving Theory Made Easy

Driving Theory Made Easy

Interactive, bite-sized lessons ensure smart retention, making mastering driving theory both effective and enjoyable.

  • Engaging lessons to improve learning
  • Original visuals for in-depth understanding
  • Interactive and bite-sized lessons for smart retention
Driving Theory Made Easy
Helpful Videos for BTW-training
Helpful Videos for BTW-training

Helpful Videos for BTW-training

Zutobi’s pioneer Behind-the-Wheel Video Course was developed in direct response to the needs of driving instructors and schools.

  • High-quality tutorials
  • Qualified driving instructor in all videos
  • Videos on various topics
  • Concise and illustrative videos
  • Recommended supplement to driving lessons

Frequently asked questions

What is Zutobi Instructor?

Zutobi Instructor is a solution designed to transform the day-to-day operations of driving schools, focusing specifically on the unique challenges faced by driving school owners, admins and instructors.

What features does Zutobi Instructor offer?

Zutobi Instructor offers a comprehensive set of features including student management, scheduling, smart reminders, payments, and more. It's designed to streamline administrative tasks and boost overall productivity.

How do I know Zutobi Instructor is right for my driving school?

Most scheduling and management solutions are made to work for all types of businesses, leading to dull, unspecific systems. Zutobi Instructor is made for ONE purpose - to solve the issues driving school owners and instructors face. Everything in our driving school software is made to make life easier for driving schools.

How can I start using Zutobi Instructor?

We’ll set up a time for a private onboarding to guide you through our solution. We can arrange a meeting with just you (or an admin) or a walkthrough with all your instructors.

How do I train my staff to use Zutobi Instructor?

In addition to our onboarding session, we offer online tutorials, user guides, and a customer success manager to ensure you and your staff are fully trained and comfortable with our solution. We will support you and your staff from day one.

Can Zutobi Instructor handle multiple locations or instructors?

Yes, our software is designed to efficiently manage multiple locations, students, and instructors, allowing you to easily oversee your business operations.

What kind of support is available if I need help?

For any questions, assistance, or feedback, talk to your dedicated customer success manager or contact us at Our support team is always ready to help. All users receive free support, including access to a dedicated customer success manager for any assistance or queries.

Can Zutobi Instructor handle billing and payments?

Yes, Zutobi Instructor can handle billing and payments. Among the features offered are credit card processing and generating payment requests for unpaid driving lessons.

How does Zutobi Instructor ensure data security and privacy?

Zutobi Instructor prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. We employ advanced encryption and follow strict data protection policies to ensure that all your information, as well as that of your students, is secure and confidential.

Is there a setup fee for starting with Zutobi Instructor?

No, there's no setup fee. We aim to make the transition smooth and cost-effective for your driving school with a no-cost setup.

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