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Preparing for the road test can feel like a daunting task - you will need to satisfy certain requirements, provide necessary documents, book an appointment in advance, and know what driving maneuvers to practice for the exam.

All in all, it’s safe to say that anxiety levels can be very high before taking the driving test. But, that’s why we are here. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to prepare for and pass your test at the DMV.

When Should You Take Your Road Test?

Generally, you will need to take the road test when transitioning from a learners permit to the next license in the licensing process. However, it will vary depending on which state you live in.

The most common mistake student drivers make is that they take the road exam too early. You need to feel comfortable driving before scheduling your test, and ideally have practiced the specific maneuvers that you may be tested on, such as parallel parking and three point turns. The good news is that you will have time to practice with a supervised driver beforehand, which is important if you want to get a good result on the exam.

What is Tested on the Driving Test?

The road test is fairly similar across the entire United States, but certain maneuvers, such as having to parallel park, will differ from state to state.

Here is a general overview of the driving maneuvers and safety practices that are tested on the exam:

  • Driving at a safe speed
  • Parallel Parking
  • Using mirrors
  • Driving defensively
  • Signaling before changing lanes
  • Scanning the area around your vehicle
  • Coming to complete stops at STOP signs
  • Checking blind spots
  • Braking softly
  • Traffic signals understanding
  • Passing
  • Driving posture
  • Driving through intersections
  • Your ability to foresee potential hazards

What Can Make You Fail Your Road Test?

The exam is all about showing the examiner that you’re a safe driver. Each state’s road test is graded differently, but generally you’re allowed to make a few non-critical mistakes without failing. However, if you make a critical mistake, such as failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, you will immediately fail the test.

How to Pass Your State Road Test

Practice practice practice! The only way to make sure that you’re ready for the exam is by getting a lot of practice behind the wheel and ideally knowing what maneuvers you’re expected to perform.

Luckily for you, we’ve created state-specific road test guides detailing the specific rules and requirements for nearly every state; if you want to know the specific requirements, choose your state below: