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How to Pass Your Colorado Road Test: The Ultimate Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 05, 2022

For the vast majority of new drivers, passing the Colorado road test is what stands between them gaining full driving privileges in the state. It’s important to note what you may need before heading into taking your exam, as well as what you’re expected to know.

In this guide, we’ll cover all this and more as we detail exactly how the road test operates for new drivers, and tips to help you pass.

Colorado Road Test Requirements

1- Schedule Your Exam at the DMV

Before you’ll be allowed to take the road skills test, you will be required to schedule an appointment first. You can do so by visiting the DMV website and choosing your desired service. We recommend scheduling at least 30 days in advance to ensure you get your preferred testing date and location.

2- Gather Documents

To take the exam, you will need to bring documents with you to certify your eligibility. The DMV will ask for the following:

  • Identification documents
  • Valid Colorado instruction permit
  • Proof of social security number
  • Proof of current physical Colorado address
  • Applicable fees ($30.87 for all new licenses and renewals)

There are also certain requirements to complete before you are allowed to take the driving test in Colorado, which will vary depending on your age.

Requirements for Drivers Under 16 Years

  • Take 30 hour driver education course
  • Get a permit.
  • Pass written knowledge exam.
  • Pass driver awareness test.
  • Pass vision test.

Requirements for Drivers Over 16

  • Pass written knowledge exam.
  • Get a permit.
  • Pass vision test.

Practice Driving

Once you have your test scheduled and you’re sure of your location, it is good practice to drive around the area and get acclimated to the different signage and road types. Be sure to practice as much as possible to ensure you’re fully prepared for the exam. You should also practice the specific maneuvers that are tested on the road test to make sure you have tried everything at least once. We will go through them below.

The Day of the Colorado Road Test

On the day of the road exam, you’ll want to arrive at the DMV as early as possible. It is recommended to allow at least 15 minutes to allow for check-in and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Colorado Vehicle Requirements

The DMV examiner will ensure that your vehicle meets all the necessary requirements before allowing you to take the driving test. Be sure to consult the checklist below and check your vehicle before heading to the DMV:

  • Current registration
  • Active insurance
  • Working speedometer
  • Working doors
  • Working lights
  • No service or warning light
  • Non damaged tires

This is another reason you should be sure to arrive early as possible. Many DMV locations in Colorado will allow you to make necessary fixes to your vehicle if you can come back in time for your scheduled appointment. However, some may ask you to reschedule if time is a hindrance.

What’s Tested on the Driving Test in Colorado?

Test takers will be tested on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle within the state. Your examiner will be taking notes of your performance and checking to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to be tested on:

  • Changing lanes safely
  • Keeping safe following distance
  • Left and right turns
  • Signaling at intersections
  • 2- and 3- point turns

After the Exam

Once you’ve completed the exam, your test examiner will let you know whether you’ve passed or failed. In Colorado, you’ll get a failing score if you make more than 15 errors on the driving test.

If you’ve passed, congratulations! You will receive your new license in the mail within several weeks. If not, do not worry! You will be allowed to retake the exam. The test administrator will give you more information pertaining to how long you must wait before a retest.

That’s It!

That’s all you need to know about passing the road test in Colorado. It is not meant to be difficult, but to examine the ability of new drivers on state roads. If you need any help studying for your upcoming exams, then Zutobi is the perfect study guide with online practice tests, a summarized handbook, and practical driving tips that will help you immensely during the actual road exam.

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