How to Pass Your South Carolina Road Test: A Complete Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 06, 2022

If you’re in the process of applying for your South Carolina driver’s license, you must be aware that the road test is imminent. It does not have to be a frightful experience for you, however. All you need to know is how the road test works and what you’ll be examined on. This way, you’ll have calmed nerves going into the test and you’re much more likely to pass.

In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know in order to prepare for and pass your South Carolina road test.

Requirements Before the Test

There are certain requirements that must be met before your road test. Generally, these are exclusive to teenagers navigating the Graduated Driver’s License program, but adults will need to complete a few tasks too.

  • Take the written test for permit
  • Present documents
  • Pass vision exam
  • Have photo taken

Scheduling Your South Carolina Road Test

You can walk-in and take the road test, but it is always a better option to schedule an appointment online. Walk-ins are uncertain, and you may have to wait many hours at the SCDMV before you’re able to take the test, if you’re even allowed to take it on the same day.

What to Bring for the South Carolina Road Test

You will be asked to present a few things to be able to take your road test. The SCDMV will require you to bring a licensed driver, a road-legal vehicle, and a learner’s permit, if you have one. Don’t forget these documents – you may not be able to take the exam if you don’t have them.

Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle you use must meet certain criteria for your test administrator to allow you to take the exam. Firstly, it must be properly registered and insured in the state of South Carolina. You’ll need to present proof of this to your test administrator when asked. Additionally, your administrator will ask you to perform the following tasks to determine if your vehicle is suitable for the exam.

  • Test brake lights
  • Turn on windshield wiper
  • Honk your horn
  • Turn on headlights
  • Turn on turn signals and hazard lights

Before your road test, you’ll want to test these functions on your own to ensure they work and make necessary repairs if they are not operating correctly.

Day of South Carolina Driving Test

You should practice driving several weeks before taking your road test. The day of the exam should be spent mentally preparing for the test with healthy meals and proper rest.

Be prepared to perform certain driving maneuvers – the following are tested on the road test in South Carolina:

  • Make lane changes
  • Make right and left turns
  • Identify and obey road signs
  • Parallel park
  • Reverse in a straight line
  • Perform a three point turn

What Happens After The Exam?

In South Carolina, you will have two tries to pass the road exam. If you fail the exam twice, you must wait two weeks before retrying. Those who currently hold a driver’s license and have failed twice only need to wait one week. After failing your third attempt, you’ll need to wait 60 days before you can be retested.

Those who passed the exam will be granted their license or license renewal. Congratulations!

That’s It

We hope we were able to break down all you need to know about passing the South Carolina road test. Good luck, remember to start preparing early to avoid the hassle of having to do it all again.

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