South Carolina DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 30 questions on the South Carolina DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 24 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official SC MC test.

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If the front tire goes flat, your steering will feel:

A flat front tire will make steering feel heavy. A flat front tire is more dangerous than a flat rear tire as it will affect your steering.

You have several bags that you need to carry on your motorcycle. How should you distribute the load?

Uneven loads can cause the motorcycle to drift toward one side and make it much harder to control. Try to distribute the load evenly.

Should you always check your blind spot and mirrors before changing lanes?

Changing lanes without checking the blind spot is a common cause of side-swipe accidents. To avoid an accident, always signal and then check your mirrors and the blind spot before changing lanes.

At highway speeds, motorcycle riders should signal at least _____ before changing lanes or turning.

SIgnal well ahead of your turn or lane change. At highway speeds, you should signal at least 5 seconds before changing lanes to give other drivers time to adjust. Signal even when there is no one else around.

Which of the following is true in regards to the lane position in curves?

There are many factors which will influence how you should be positioned in a curve, such as traffic and road conditions, and the shape of the curve. For example; you may want to move to the inside of the curve as you enter the curve, and then to the outside as you exit the curve. It all depends on the conditions of the curve.

You are a large number of riders traveling together. How large should each group be?

Try to keep the groups small to make it easier to stick together and safer for other drivers to get around the group. An added bonus is that you won't be as easily separated by trafic or red lights. Groups smaller than 5 riders are ideal.

Are hand signals for riders the same as the ones used by other drivers?

Hand and turn signals on a motorcycle are the same as the ones used by other drivers. However, the added vulnerability of a rider means you may need to use signals earlier to make your intentions crystal-clear. If you don't signal at least 100 feet before reaching the turning point, you risk being hit by a vehicle that has not seen your signals.

You’ve just taken some cough medicine. What should you do before riding?

Never drive without first checking the side effects of your medicine. Even cough medicine can affect your safe riding or driving ability.

If you apply too much brake, you may cause the motorcycle to:

The purpose of applying the brakes is to reduce the speed, but if you apply too much brake you may cause the motorcycle to skid.

What does lane splitting mean?

Lane splitting is also known as lane filtering. It refers to when motorcyclists ride between stopped or slower-moving traffic, or to the front of traffic stopped at a traffic light. Lane filtering can be dangerous as drivers won't expect a motorcyclist there and may change lanes suddenly, open a door, or something similar.

What should you think about when riding with others?

Group riding must be done in a way that promotes safety. Keep in mind that each rider has to follow traffic signals and traffic control devices independetly, not just the lead rider.

You’re passed by several fast-traveling vehicles driving above the speed limit. Are you allowed to drive faster than the speed limit to stay behind them?

You are NOT allowed to drive faster than the speed limit at any time, even if other traffic is doing so.

How much braking comes from the front wheel / brakes?

About 3/4 of all braking pressure comes from the front brakes. Remember to use both the front and rear brakes to come to a stop the quickest.

What is the average reaction time for drivers?

The reaction time greatly varies from driver to driver - some drivers have a reaction time of around 0.75 seconds and some have a reaction time of up to 2.5 seconds. However, the average reaction time when driving is around 1-2 seconds.

If you are group riding, the lead and tail rider should be:

Assign an experience lead and tail rider with plenty of experience with group riding. They will keep the group together, so don't assign someone inexperienced as lead or tail. However, inexperiened riders should be placed up front behind the leader so they can be monitored by the more experienced riders at the back.

What’s the purpose of minimum speed limit signs? They help keep:

Minimum speed limit signs ensure that drivers don’t drive too slowly i.e. a speed that halts the traffic flow and/or creates a dangerous road environment. This helps keep a smooth traffic flow and congestion to a minimum. Try to keep up with the traffic flow even when there aren’t any minimum speed limit signs.

When riding with passengers, your braking distance will:

The heavier your passenger is, the longer it will take to accelerate, slow down, or stop. Take the added braking distance into consideration when you ride as your motorcycle will respond slower to situations you are used to when driving alone.

What should you do when moving off from a parked position on the right side of the road?

Before pulling out into traffic, you must check that the road is clear. Do this by checking your mirrors, and then giving a left signal to warn other road users of your intention to pull out.

In this case, signal left and then check the blind spot by looking over your left shoulder.

Any time you approach an intersection:

To reduce your reaction time, you can cover the clutch and both brake levers in high-risk areas where you may have to act quickly. These areas include schools, construction zones, parking lots, and intersections. Increasing the following distance and slowing down is also a good idea, but they will only give you more time to react, not reduce your reaction time.

You can reduce your speed as you approach an intersection as well, but nothing says it has to be 20 mph. However, do not slow down a lot or change position when you are within the intersection as other drivers may think you are preparing to turn.

Is your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) always the same if you drink the same amount of alcohol?

Drinking the same amount of alcohol on different days can result in different BAC levels as there are many factors affecting the BAC. Another thing to keep in mind when drinking alcohol is that alcohol stays in your system for a while - many riders/drivers test above zero BAC the morning after drinking.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in South Carolina?

Once you’ve passed the written permit test, here is how to get your motorcycle license.

  • If you do not already have a valid South Carolina driver’s license, you must receive a motorcycle beginner’s permit before you can apply for a motorcycle license.
  • If you do have a driver’s license, you can apply for your motorcycle written exam and road skills test at a South Carolina DMV location.
  • You get three chances to pass the motorcycle skills test, and if you fail three times you cannot retake the test at any SCDMV.
  • If you fail the skills test three times, you must complete a motorcycle safety course in order to receive your motorcycle license.
  • You can also complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course in place of the motorcycle skills test at the DMV.
  • You must present a certificate of completion of a safety course in order to waive your skills test.

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