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How to Pass Your Nevada Road Test: A Complete Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 05, 2022

Passing the Nevada road test can be a daunting experience for many. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you know exactly what you need to do, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and confusion at the DMV, and you’ll be much more likely to pass your test.

Before Taking the Nevada Driving Test

In addition to a scheduled appointment, there are several requirements you’ll need to complete before you can take your road test.

1 – Vision Test

The vision test is one of the first prerequisite exams you’ll be required to take. Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles tests new drivers on their vision to ensure they possess the proper eyesight necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle in the state. To pass the exam, you must score a 20/40 or higher. Drivers who must wear contacts or glasses will have Restriction B placed on their license. Anyone who cannot meet this standard may be licensed to drive during daylight hours only.

2 – Written Knowledge Exam

New drivers will also be prompted to take the Nevada knowledge test for Class C, non-commercial license applicants. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and at least 20 must be answered correctly to earn a passing score of 80%.

Preparing for the written exam can be difficult, and studying the Nevada Driver’s Handbook is always a good way to get a bit of information about driving in the state. However, it can be quite boring and mundane. Instead, new drivers are using Zutobi to take practice tests, learn from interactive modules, and track their learning progress. Use our gamified system to increase your chances of passing!

3 – Instruction Permit

All new drivers will be required to obtain their instruction permit before gaining full driving privileges. A permit will allow you to legally begin operating a motor vehicle to practice for the driving test.

Exceptions to Prerequisites

If you are currently licensed in another state and require a reevaluation of your driving skills, you are exempt from the above prerequisites and can simply schedule and take the road test. New residents who hold an out-of-state license in good standing need only to visit the Nevada DMV, take a knowledge and written exam, and transfer their credentials.

Teenagers will be required to take drivers education and hold their instruction permit for a specific period of time. You can find out more information about this here.

Getting Your Car Ready for the Nevada Road Test

The Nevada DMV mandates that drivers bring their own vehicle in order to take the road test. In addition to proper registration and insurance, your car will have to meet a few other requirements to ensure it is safe for you to test with. On the day of your test, your examiner will check your insurance and registration documents, as well as do a thorough inspection of your vehicle.

Below is a checklist of road test requirements that are placed on all Nevada vehicles by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your examiner will expect your vehicle to meet these guidelines:

  • Two red tail lamps in the rear that are visible from 500 feet
  • Rear stop lamps that display a red, amber, or yellow light
  • Turn signals located at the front and rear of vehicle
  • License plate to illuminate rear license plate
  • Equipped muffler in good working order
  • Self operating windshield wipers capable of effectively clearing the windshield

Your vehicle may be turned away if it does not meet these requirements. You will also have to reschedule your exam.

What to Bring to the DMV

You will need to bring certain documents to the Nevada DMV to prove your identity, among others things. At the time of your visit, you will be asked to present your valid instruction permit (if applicable), proof of identity, proof of address, a mechanically safe vehicle, as well as proof of insurance and registration for said vehicle.

You should show up to your road test appointment at least 15 minutes early. This will give you enough time to mitigate any delays in traffic and you may even be able to take the test a bit earlier than anticipated. If you are late, you may be required to reschedule.

What’s Tested on the Road Test in Nevada?

Here are some of the maneuvers you may be asked to perform:

  • Observing right of way. Giving pedestrians room to cross and identifying when other motorists are given priority to travel.
  • Stopping quickly. Being able to make a swift and safe stop at 20mph.
  • Reversing. Backing up in a straight line for a distance of 50 feet at a slow speed.
  • Following at a safe distance. Keeping a ‘safety cushion’ between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Following distance should be a minimum of 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Maintaining your lane. Staying in your lane while operating.
  • Passing. Looking ahead, behind, and to the side while making passing maneuvers.
  • Parking. Navigating your vehicle into a parking spot safely and securely.

After Your Driving Test

If you passed your driving test, congratulations! The DMV will ask you to turn in your instruction permit or out-of-state license. You’ll also be required to pay a fee. A permanent copy of your license will be mailed to you within 15 business days.

If You Fail Your Test

Failing your test is not the end of the world. You will be allowed to retake the exam until you are deemed skilled enough to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Be sure to take note of your examiner’s feedback and use it to sharpen some of the weaknesses you exhibit while driving.

That’s It!

That’s all there is to passing the Nevada road test. While it can be a confusing experience for first-timers, it is actually simple if you know exactly what to do. Those who put the most time into behind-the-wheel training are exponentially more like to pass the exam on their first try. Regardless, practice often and do not hesitate to reference this guide if you need some extra assistance!

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