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Delaware teens can now ace their driver’s permit test with ease through Zutobi’s proven and easy-to-use course.

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Learning to drive can be hard enough without having to worry about whether the way you are studying will actually help you ace your permit test. While studying to pass your permit test in Delaware, it’s hard to know what to study (which means you’ll fail the test as a result).
The Delaware driver’s manual can be overwhelming and tedious. It presents too much information at one time without breaking up the material, and reads too much like a legislative text. This makes the information hard to learn, and therefore harder to remember when you sit down to take your Delaware permit test.
Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Zutobi, an online driver’s education platform that helps new drivers learn to drive in a fun, gamified, and engaging way. The information in our driving course is broken down into small, understandable pieces that are designed to be easy to remember on test day. We also offer Delaware DMV practice tests so you can test your knowledge before you have to take the real thing.

Ace Your Delaware Permit Test With Zutobi

Along with challenging your friends and earning points on our different learning levels, the following features can help you pass your Delaware permit test on your first try.

  • Our entertaining approach to learning to drive will have you forgetting all about the boring Delaware driver’s manual.
  • Our material covers all of the information you need to know in order to pass your permit test; from road signs and their meanings, to vehicle rules and traffic laws, to what the heck a no-zone is.
  • Test yourself with our Delaware practice tests that are specifically designed to simulate the real Delaware written test.
  • Learn from your mistakes with the answers and explanations that are provided for every multiple choice question on our practice exams.

Is the Delaware Permit Test Hard?

Like any exam, that depends on how prepared you are for it. However, with Zutobi, 95% of our customers report a passing score on their first try. In comparison, less than 50% of people overall pass their permit tests on their first attempt.

How Many Questions Are On the Permit Test in Delaware?

There are 30 questions on the Delaware permit test, and, in order to pass the first time, you must answer 24 (80%) questions correctly. With Zutobi, you can be prepared for any of the questions they throw at you because our practice tests take questions from past and current Delaware permit tests.

What Is It Like to Drive in Delaware?

Passing a permit test and driving are two different things; so here are some facts about driving in Delaware that are good to know.

The Good

In an effort to improve safety on Delaware highways, the Delaware DMV uses a point system to identify and track bad drivers. This point system allows the state to punish bad driving behavior and reward good drivers.
Despite its small size, the state of Delaware offers plenty of scenic drives, including six National Scenic Byways, and they’re all waiting for you once you get your learner’s permit.

The Bad

Delaware has one of the highest average costs of auto insurance in the country with rates 35% higher than the national average.
In 2019, Delaware saw a major increase in traffic fatalities with 132 deaths, which was up from the 111 in 2018.

The Ugly

Delaware has the 2nd highest rate of traffic fatalities linked to distracted driving according to a 2019 report by ValuePenguin.
According to this report, Delaware has an average of 3.28 distracted driving deaths per 10 billion vehicle miles traveled, despite the fact that the state bans any use of wireless devices by drivers.

Why Put Your Trust In Zutobi?

Since 2018, Zutobi has helped thousands of young people achieve greatness by passing their Delaware DMV permit test on their first try. Our goal was to make a course that was not only robust and comprehensive but also convenient, easy-to-use, and fun. We believe we’ve achieved that and based on all of the safe, responsible, and happy drivers we’ve helped, we think you’ll agree.

Zutobi takes the hassle out of preparing for your permit test by streamlining the whole process. Study with us and you’ll not only pass your Delaware permit test but also enrich your understanding of traffic laws so you can drive with maximum confidence.

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