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Missouri teens and adults can now ace their driver’s permit test with ease through Zutobi’s proven and easy-to-use course.

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The goal of any new driver is to pass their permit test the first time they take it. However, the problem with using only the driver’s manual as a study tool is that the information you learn can be hard to remember come test day. The material is presented in complicated language in large chunks that are too long to memorize at one time - which is a major reason why more than 50% fail the Missouri permit test.
Zutobi was created to make passing your permit test a breeze by teaching new drivers the rules of the road with our fun, engaging driver’s education platform. We provide our condensed driver’s manual in bite-sized pieces that are easy to remember, and our Missouri practice tests are near-identical to the real exam.

Pass Your Missouri Permit Test the First Time with Zutobi

Zutobi will help you earn a passing score on your permit test. Here’s how.

  • Learn to drive the easy way with our condensed and improved Missouri driver’s manual.
  • Try our Missouri DMV practice tests and test your knowledge before the real thing.
  • Learn from your mistakes with detailed explanations to all of the multiple choice test questions.
  • Be confident you are learning the right material with questions that are taken from past and present Missouri DMV permit tests.
  • Learn traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving techniques on your way to becoming the world’s best (or worst) backseat driver to your parents.
  • Use our app or website to study anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Is the Missouri DMV Permit Test Hard?

Yes, don’t expect to pass the permit test if you do not study properly. As mentioned, over 50% fail the permit test in Missouri - making it one of the most difficult in the nation.

We highly recommend that you study using proper resources , such as the Zutobi Missouri Prep Course, as you’ll save both time and money by not having to retake the exam.

How Many Questions Are on the Test?

There are 25 multiple choice questions on the Missouri permit test. In order to pass, you must answer 20 (80%) of those questions correctly.

What Is It Like to Drive in Missouri?

Here are some facts about the reality of driving Missouri’s roadways.

The Good

The historic U.S. Route 66 passes through the southern part of Missouri. As soon as you’ve passed your permit test, feel free to “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.”
The Missouri Department of Transportation is committed to reducing fatal car accidents and supports Missouri’s Blueprint - A Partnership Toward Zero Deaths which is a guide to decrease the number of fatal accidents on Missouri roadways.

The Bad

Despite a drop in traffic on the roads in 2020, Missouri has seen a 3% increase in traffic fatalities.
According to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, men make up the majority of those killed in traffic accidents in 2020 mostly due to driving without a seat belt.
In 2017, there were 966 traffic accidents that resulted in serious injuries for young drivers (15-20 years old) in Missouri.

The Ugly

There were 879 traffic fatalities in Missouri in 2019.
In 2017, 142 drivers between the ages of 15-20 were killed in car accidents in Missouri.
In the same year, 218 drivers were killed in alcohol or other drug-related accidents in Missouri.

Why Put Your Trust In Zutobi?

Since 2018, Zutobi has helped thousands of young people achieve greatness by passing their Missouri written test on their first try. Our goal was to make a course that was not only robust and comprehensive but also convenient, easy-to-use, and fun. We believe we’ve achieved that and based on all of the safe, responsible, and happy drivers we’ve helped, we think you’ll agree.

Zutobi takes the hassle out of preparing for your exam by streamlining the whole process. Study with us and you’ll not only pass your permit test but also enrich your understanding of traffic laws so you can drive with maximum confidence.

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