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The Rhode Islan DMV permit test consists of 40 questions, and you must answer at least 28 questions correctly to get a passing score (70%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official RI exam.

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What is the penalty for leaving the scene of a crash resulting in injury?

Drivers in Rhode Island convicted of leaving a crash scene resulting in injury will have a mandatory loss of license for 1-5 years, receive a fine of no more than $5,000, and face imprisonment for up to 5 years. If the accident results in serious bodily injury or death, the penalties include a fine up to $10,000 and imprisonment for 1-15 years.

What do flashing yellow or amber lights on a school bus mean?

Flashing amber lights are used by school buses in Rhode island as well as many other states to indicate that they are slowing down and preparing to stop. The amber lights are generally activated 200-300 feet, or 5-10 seconds, before the bus will stop.

Is the use of Hazard Lights permitted while driving?

Hazard light use is not permitted while driving in Rhode Island.

When may you turn right on a red light?

If the turn can be made safely, you may turn right on a red light in Rhode Island after coming to a complete stop and yielding to any pedestrians/vehicles lawfully proceeding through the intersection. Look for signs that prohibit the turn.

Which passengers have to wear a seat belt?

In Rhode Island, the driver and all passengers age 18 and older must wear a seatbelt. Violation of the seat belt law is a standard offense. In addition, the child passenger safety law also requires that all children wear an appropriate child restraint. What is appropriate depends on the size, height and weight of the child. For children ages 8-18, the appropriate restraint is a seat belt unless they are less than 57 inches or 80 lbs.

When may you turn left on a red light?

Many states allow drivers to turn left from a one-way street onto another one-way street, but that is not the case in Rhode Island. In Rhode Island, you must not turn left on red under any circumstances.

How far away from a school bus loading or unloading passengers do vehicles have to stop?


Motorists from both directions have to stop for school buses loading or unloading passengers on all roads including private roads and parking lots. School buses in Rhode Island use flashing red lights to indicate that the bus is stopped to load or unload school children. Do not proceed until the lights have stopped flashing. A stop is not required when driving on the opposite side of a divided highway or when the school bus is stopped in a loading zone.

Does Rhode Island use a point system?

Rhode Island doesn't use a point system, which most states do, but they do record each moving violation against your driving record. If you accumulate too many violations within a certain timer period, your license will be suspended.

Why must you be prepared to stop when driving behind a school bus and approaching a railroad crossing?

School buses, vehicles carrying passengers for hire, and vehicles transporting hazardous material must stop at all railroad crossings in Rhode Island. If you are driving behind any of these vehicles, you should be prepared to stop as well.

Does your trailer need to be equipped with independent braking?

The added weight of the trailer to your vehicle can drastically increase the distance needed to come to a full stop. For this reason, most states have laws regarding independent braking on trailers over a certain gross vehicle weight (GVW). In Rhode Island, the gross weight limit is 4,000 lbs.

What will happen if you refuse a breath test when an officer suspects you of driving while intoxicated?


The implied consent law in Rhode Island says that by getting behind the wheel, you have already given consent (i.e. answered "yes") to allow a blood, breath, or urine test if requested by a law enforcement officer. Refusing a police breath/chemical test is a serious offense and will result in license suspension.

Which statement is true regarding two-way roads with a center turn lane?


Center turn lanes are used to help road users make a safe left turn on two-way streets. Drivers from either direction may use the turn lane for left turns.

You see a sign with this shape, but you can’t read the text on it. By its shape you know that it’s a:


It’s important to be able to recognize signs by their shape - especially in bad weather. An octagon shaped sign (an eight-sided sign) is a STOP sign.

You're driving at night with your headlights on high beam, and another vehicle is passing you. When should you change to low beam?

High-beam headlights can blind the driver of the passing vehicle. Change to low beams just as the vehicle passes you.

The term ‘blind spot’ refers to an area:

No matter how you adjust your mirrors, you can’t see every angle around your vehicle. This is why you must know when and how to check your blind spots, so that you can detect potential hazards.

Which statement is true regarding tires?


Your tires should be properly inflated at all times and be of the same type and size. Try to ensure your tires have the same wear and tread depth. If you have two tires of higher quality, you should fit those tires on the rear axle of the car. 

Mixing different types of tires isn’t recommended and can be dangerous.

You arrive at a ‘4-Way Stop’ intersection at the same time as another vehicle. Who should yield in this situation?


When two vehicles arrive at a ‘4-Way Stop’ intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the left yields to the vehicle on the right.

You’re driving on a dusty day, and you have a hard time seeing the road ahead. Which statement is true?


The use of headlights isn’t just to let you see further ahead, but also to let other drivers see you - a vehicle with its headlights on is far easier to spot than a vehicle without.

Never stop on the road in bad visibility - always make sure that you get COMPLETELY off the road if you decide to stop.

You're turning right at an intersection. Do you have to yield to pedestrians crossing the street?


When turning, look for pedestrians on the road you're turning into and be prepared to yield if they are crossing the street. You should always try to yield to pedestrians regardless if they are right or wrong as they are much more vulnerable than other road users except bicylists.

What is the BAC-limit for drivers that are at least 21 years old?

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