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New York teens and adults can now ace their learner’s permit test with ease through Zutobi’s proven and easy-to-use course.

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At Zutobi, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind driver’s training course complete with sample permit tests. Through scientifically proven learning practices, a state-of-the-art interface, and comprehensive learning materials, we’ve dramatically improved your ability to ace your New York DMV learner’s permit test.
Let’s be honest—the New York driver’s handbook is long, dense, and difficult to understand. There’s a reason that nationally over half of students fail their permit test on the first attempt. That’s why we took everything that’s in that manual and broke it down into bite-sized and easy-to-understand sections.
With Zutobi, you’ll onboard all of the knowledge you’ll need to ace your New York permit test in a way that’s fun and engaging. Find out what thousands of other teens just like you have discovered in our sleek yet simple course.

Ace Your Permit Test

Our course removes the text-heavy hassle of the driver’s handbook, leaving a simple, streamlined, fun path to scoring 100% on your learner’s permit test. Zutobi allows you to:

  • Learn in a fun and easy format with our easy-to-understand and condensed New York DMV driver’s manual.
  • Master road signs, passing rules, right of way, and other elements of safe driving.
  • Apply your new knowledge with practice exams, and easily identify and fix any areas you don’t understand.
  • Seamlessly switch between your mobile phone and computer.
  • Stay engaged while you study with our gamification system.
  • Track progress from chapter to chapter and watch your confidence soar.
  • Take our permit practice test which simulates the real exam. Every question on our practice tests comes with a detailed explanation of the correct answer so you can understand any mistakes you made.
  • Join the 95% of Zutobi’s users to pass their New York learner’s permit test on the first attempt.
  • Save time, money, and brain cells by studying for your permit test right the first time.

Is the Permit Test Giving You Nightmares?

The New York DMV learner’s permit test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. Of them, you must get a score of 70% (14 out of 20) to pass, and you have to correctly answer a minimum of two of the four questions about road signs. While the permit test isn’t long or overly complicated, some parts can be tricky if you haven’t studied or haven’t studied effectively.

What Is It Like To Drive In New York?

From big cities to country roads, New York is as diverse a place to drive as any. Here are some facts:

The Good

Despite having a reputation for aggression (ahem New York City), New York’s national ranking for driver’s safety is surprisingly high.
One report ranked the Empire State as having the third-best drivers overall.
New York has the fewest drunk driving issues of any state.
New York is ranked low for ‘Cost of Car Ownership & Maintenance’ according to a study done by WalletHub.

The Bad

New Yorkers ranked 19th for careless driving.
New York ranked highest among all 50 states in ‘Traffic Fatality Rate,’ fourth in ‘Car Theft Rate,’ and third in ‘Most Auto-Repair Shops per Capita’ according to another study.
Auto insurance in Brooklyn is the highest in the state at about $800 per month.

The Ugly

In 2018, 242 pedestrians and 46 cyclists were killed in auto accidents in New York City, a rate of 1.2 pedestrians and 0.2 bikers per 100,000 people.
10,966 people were seriously injured in crashes in 2018.

Why Put Your Trust In Zutobi?

Ever since we started out in 2018 we knew we had something special. As our happy customers will attest, we’ve taken the long, hard, and frustrating process of studying for your permit test and made it short, easy, and best of all, fun! We know that we’ve reached our goal of making a driver’s training course that people love and can’t wait for you to love it too.

With Zutobi’s summarized driver’s handbook and practice permit tests, you’ll quickly become an expert on road signs, passing rules, and everything else you need to know to ace your permit test.

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