Pennsylvania DOT Permit Practice Test 2022

The Pennsylvania DOT permit test consists of 18 questions, and you must answer at least 15 questions correctly to get a passing score (83%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official PA exam.

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If you're driving at the posted speed limit in very bad weather conditions:

You may be ticketed for driving too fast
BYou're driving very safely and responsibly

You must adjust your speed to the road and weather conditions. In bad conditions, you may receive a fine for “driving too fast for the conditions” even if driving within the speed limit.

In school zones, what is the speed limit when the yellow signal lights are flashing?

A10 mph
15 mph
C25 mph

The reduced speed limit is active when the yellow lights are flashing on the school sign, as well as during the times and days specified. Some school zones have a speed limit of 20 mph.

Parking is prohibited within ____ of a railroad crossing.

A30 feet
B40 feet
50 feet

The 50 feet are counted from the closest rail at the railroad crossing.

In Pennsylvania, you must maintain a liability insurance on your vehicle:

At all times
BOnly if you are a learner driver
COnly if your license has been previously suspended

Penalties for driving without proof of insurance include license and registration suspension.

If you are convicted of failure to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights, your license will be suspended for:

A10 days
B30 days
60 days

You will be suspended for 60 days if you fail to stop for a school bus. Other violations that will result in suspension or revocation are: hit-and-run, reckless driving, and failure to stop at a railroad crossing with a lowered crossing gate.

You have crashed into a parked car and you cannot locate the owner. What should you do?

ALeave the scene as you have done all you can
Leave a note with necessary details and call the police
CStay until the owner shows up

The note should contain your name, your phone number, and details about when and how the crash occurred.

You're not allowed to follow within _____ of an emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

A200 feet
500 feet
C1000 feet

Don't follow within 500 feet of an emergency vehicle responding to an alarm.

Pennsylvania's 'steer clear’ law states that drivers must:

Move over at least 1 lane from an emergency response area or slow down if not possible
BAvoid driving on certain highways during rush hour traffic
CDrive at least 30 mph below the speed limit in bad conditions

If unable to vacate the lane closest to the emergency scene, you must slow down to a safe speed and proceed with caution. Emergency personnel include for example law enforcement, medical services, maintenance and towing services.

In Pennsylvania, drivers aged 21 or older are prohibited from driving with a BAC of:

A.02 or more
B.05 or more
.08 or more

The BAC-limit is: 0.08 for drivers 21+ and 0.02 for drivers under 21. If you are caught with a BAC-level exceeding the limit, you will be considered as driving under the influence. However, depending on how your ability to drive is affected, you may be convicted of DUI at lower levels.

You have a passenger aged 17, must he/she wear a seatbelt?

COnly if sitting in the front seat

All passengers under 18 must wear a seatbelt or approved child restraint regardless of where they are seated. The driver and all front seat passengers must also wear a seatbelt.

You're driving at night and approaching another vehicle from behind. When must you dim your lights?

AWithin 200 feet of the vehicle
Within 300 feet of the vehicle
CWithin 400 feet of the vehicle

In Pennsylvania, you must dim your lights to low beam when within 300 feet of any vehicle traveling in your direction.

What does this sign mean?

AStressed pedestrian ahead
Pedestrian crosswalk ahead
CSchool bus stop ahead
DSchool zone ahead

Prepare to yield to pedestrians on the crossing ahead. This sign may be accompanied by a downward facing arrow pointing in the direction of the crosswalk.

What should you check on each tire before a long journey?

AAir pressure
BTire tread depth
Both of the above
DNone of the above

Always check your tires air pressure and the tire tread depth before taking your car on a long journey. This way you can minimize the risk of tire blowout or tire failure and increase handling and traction.

What does this sign mean?

AOnly left turn or U-turn from this lane
No left turn or U-turn from this lane
COnly left turns from this lane
DNo U-turn from this lane

You are NOT allowed to turn left or make a U-turn from a lane marked with this sign.

You have a friend who has had a few beers at a party. What advice should you give him?

AHave a cup of coffee and wait at least 30 minutes before driving home
BDrive home carefully
Go home by public transport or taxi
DWait for an hour before driving home

Alcohol takes time to leave the body, so drinking coffee or waiting a few hours won’t make any difference. Depending on the amount of alcohol, your friend may even be unfit to drive the day after.

Should you be extra cautious when driving behind a motorcyclist on an uneven road? If so, why?

Yes, they may swerve as the road is uneven
BNo, you should pass the motorcyclist immediately
CYes, but only during storm

Keep a safe following distance when driving near motorcyclists (just like any other road user on two wheels). In this case, the motorcyclist has to react and deal with hazards on this uneven road, for example a pothole. They may wobble or swerve to avoid a hazard or changing road condition.

Which driving technique will minimize fuel consumtion?

AUsing lower gears when driving
BNot utilizing engine braking
CDriving without skipping gears
Skipping gears when shifting up

You can reduce fuel consumtion by skipping gears when shifting up. This will reduce the amount of time spent accelerating. Remember, lower gears equal higher fuel consumption.

Who has priority at out-of-order traffic lights?

ATraffic going straight
BTraffic turning left
CTraffic turning right

Nobody has priority at out-of-order traffic lights. They should be treated as a ‘4-way stop’.

At a ‘4-Way stop’ intersection, who may proceed first if there is traffic from all directions?

AThe last vehicle to reach the intersection
BThere are no specific rules for a situation like that
The first vehicle to reach the intersection

A ‘4-Way Stop’ means that traffic from all directions are facing STOP signs and must stop before entering the intersection. In such a situation, the first vehicle to arrive should be the first to proceed.

You approach a railroad crossing with flashing red warning lights. What must you do?

BSlow down, but be prepared to stop. You may proceed if you can’t see any approaching trains
CNothing, but you’re recommended to stop

Flashing red warning lights must be obeyed and mean that you must stop. They indicate a train is approaching.

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