Pennsylvania DOT Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 20 questions on the Pennsylvania DOT motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 16 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official PA MC test.

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Which of the following is TRUE?

AMotorcyclists may exceed the speed limit when passing, but only when passing
BMotorcyclists may exceed the speed limit on any road
Motorcyclists may not exceed the speed limit, even when passing

You have to follow traffic rules even when riding a motorcycle, which includes not exceeding the speed limit. Passing must be completed within posted speed limits.

During which hours are you and other drivers most likely to be involved in sleep-related accidents?

AAfter a long day at work
BDuring early morning
CDuring the weekends
At hours when you would normally be sleping

If you’re riding or driving when you would normally be sleeping, you're much more likely to nod off or fall asleep. Avoid fatigue by taking breaks regularly and not riding if you're tired. Every year almost 100,000 crashes are caused by drivers falling asleep across the U.S.

What should you do after passing or being passed by a large vehicle?

AImmediately speed up or slow down to create a following distance of 5-6 seconds
Make sure that you can see potential hazards and that others can see you

The most important thing to do after passing or being passed by a larger vehicle is to ensure you are able to see hazards and that others can see you. Create a space cushion around your motorcycle immediately after passing or being passed.

Most motorcycle collision occur:

AAt night
In broad daylight
CDusk and dawn

Most of the collisions involving motorcycle riders occur in broad daylight. This makes it extra important that you wear brightly-colored or reflective clothing to maximize your chances of being seen.

At a crash scene, what can you do to help a person who’s unconscious?

ATake photos of the scene
Check that the person is breathing normally
CSplash water on his/her face

If you notice that a person is unconscious, you need to check that he/she is breathing normally. Look and listen for breathing, look for chest movements, and feel for breath on your cheek.

If you are forced to ride over an object on the road:

Stop and check your tires, drive chain, and rims for damage before continuing
BContinue unless you can see or hear that something is wrong
CPull off the road and hitch a ride home

Motorcyclists must be especially careful if they ride over an object that can damage the tires or get stuck in the drive chain or belt. Always pull off the road and double-check that everything is OK before continuing.

What does the "Evaluate" in Search, Evaluate, Execute (SEE) mean?

AEvaluate your possible routes before you begin your trip
Evaluate how hazards can create risks for you and what have a plan in place to reduce risks

SEE is a three-step process that motorcycle riders can use to make appropriate judgments and apply them correcly. It stands for Search, Evaluate, Execute. "Evaluate" is focused on evaluating how a hazard can affect you and have a plan in place to reduce risks. For example; evaluate how traffic traffic control devices will affect traffic up ahead, how you should avoid potholes etc., when other vehicles may move in front of you (near a highway exit, for example).

What should you do when driving downhill?

AUse your brakes frequently and avoid engine braking
BUse a higher gear
Keep an eye on your speed and know what’s behind you

If you brake too much using your brake pedal, your brakes may overheat and stop functioning. A low gear will allow for your vehicle to engine brake, and thus avoid overheating.

Keep an eye on your surroundings (e.g. if you have a large vehicle behind you). Your vehicle will pick up speed on its own when driving downhill (due to gravity), so also check your speed every now and then to see if you’re riding faster than is safe.

Upon looking in your rear-view mirror, you notice that another driver is tailgating you. Which statement is true?

ASpeed up to increase the gap between yourself and the tailgater
Allow for the tailgater to pass by slowing down, changing lanes to the right or by pulling over
CBrake hard to show the tailgater that you don’t tolerate such behavior

If you are being tailgated, you should allow for the tailgater to pass by slowing down and/or changing lanes. Lightly tap your brakes a couple of times to warn the tailgater that you are about to slow down.

Consider pulling over to let the tailgater pass if you’re riding on a two-lane road where passing is prohibited.

Should riders in a staggered formation should pass all at once?


If you are group riding in a staggered formation, pass one at a time. Each rider has to decide when it is safe to pass and when the space cushion in front of the passed vehicle is large enough. Do not pass many at a time as it will greatly increase the risk of an accident when passing, and will require far more time to make a complete pass.

You pass your exit by mistake. What should you do?

AStop and back up using the emergency lane
BStop and make a U-turn
Keep on riding and take the next appropriate exit

Don’t stop or make any last-minute moves on a freeway. If you miss your exit, remain calm and take the next appropriate exit instead.

The road surface can become soft in very hot weather. This affects:

AThe suspension
BYour fuel consumption
The tire grip

Be extra careful when braking or cornering in very hot weather as your tires won't be able to grip a soft surface as well as they can a firm dry one.

Which lane position should you be in as you approach an intersection?

AThe lane position in the middle
BThe lane position farthest to the left
CThe lane position farthest to the right
The lane position that provides maximum visibility of and to oncoming traffic

When you approach any intersection, you must make sure that you can see other vehicles and that they can see you. Try to maintain a space cushion around your motorcycle that permits you to take evasive action if needed.

Which portion of the lane can be especially hazardous when wet?

AThe left portion of the lane
The center portion of the lane
CThe right portion of the lane
DAll portions of the lane will be equally hazardous when wet

When it starts to rain, oil, grease, anti-freeze, and other vehicle fluids tend to gather in the center portion of the lane and bubble up. It's usually the most slippery just as it starts to rain until further rain has washed these fluids away.

Brightly-colored or reflective materials on clothing can help with what?

AHelp drivers behind clearly see you
BHelp you stand out against the background so other drivers will spot you in a quick glance
Both of the above

Any help you can give to other drivers is good. In some cases, drivers just quickly glance in their rear-view mirror or side mirrors before changing lanes and they may not spot a motorcycle rider in black clothing. Your body is half the visible surface area of the entire motorcycle unit, so your clothing will greatly affect if others spot you or not.

What should you do when approaching an intersection with a flashing red traffic light?

ASlow down and cross the intersection at a slow speed
BProceed as normal unless there’s an officer directing traffic
CTreat the traffic light as a green light
Treat the traffic light as a STOP sign

When facing a flashing red traffic light, you must come to a complete stop and yield according to the right-of-way rules. Only proceed if safe.

When riding a motorcycle, your shoulders can sometimes obstruct the view in your mirrors. What can be done to solve this?

ABrake earlier than usual
BRider slower than usual
Extend the mirror arms

You need a good view all around the motorcycle. If your body or shoulder obscures the view, extend the mirror arms by fitting longer stems.

Which statement is true regarding signaling?

ASignaling is unnecessary unless driving in heavy traffic
BYou don’t have to signal when turning
You shouldn’t assume that a driver signaling a turn will turn

Watch out for how other vehicles are acting (e.g. slowing down or turning), and don’t believe blindly in turn signals. Other drivers may signal too early or forget to turn off their turn signal after turning.

A police car behind you signals you to pull over. What should you do?

ATurn right at the next intersection
Pull over and stop on the right
CStop immediately in your lane

Pull over on the right as soon as it’s safe to do so.

At a railroad crossing with two tracks, should you assume that you can proceed after one train has passed?


Another train may come after the first train. Don’t proceed before you’ve checked for trains in BOTH directions.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania?

Once you’ve passed your written exam and earned your permit, here are your next steps towards getting your motorcycle license:

  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have your Class M permit for at least 6 months before scheduling for your skills test.
  • You are also required to complete a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program Basic Rider Course and 65 hours of supervised practice riding (the safety course accounts for 15 of those 65 hours).
  • Under permit restrictions, you may only operate a motorcycle between sunrise and sunset, and you may not carry any passengers except for a supervisor with a valid Class M license.
  • If you are over 18, you can schedule your skills test at the DMV as soon as you have earned your permit.
  • If you take a training course through the Motorcycle Safety Program and receive a certificate of completion, your DMV skills test can be waived.

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