New Mexico MVD Permit Practice Test 2022

The New Mexico MVD permit test consists of 25 questions, and you must answer at least 18 questions correctly to get a passing score (72%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official NM exam.

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What does a red ‘ X’ mean when it is placed over a reversible lane?

AThe lane is open
The lane is closed

A red ‘X’ means that the lane is closed for traffic and that you should change lanes immediately. These lights are used over reversible lanes in New Mexico and other states to help drivers determine which lanes are open or closed, and are often accompanied by double-dashed yellow lines. Reversible lanes are designed to help with rush hour traffic by carrying inbound traffic during the morning peak hours and outbound traffic during evening peak hours.

When facing a green light at an intersection, you may proceed:

After yielding to traffic already in the intersection
BWithout yielding to traffic already in the intersection

Before proceeding at an intersection, you're always required to yield to traffic already in the intersection. This applies even if you're facing a green light.

What is the penalty for leaving the scene of a crash resulting in serious injury or death?

License revocation, fines & imprisonment
BVehicle impoundment, fines & imprisonment
CLicense suspension for 3 months, fines & imprisonment

Drivers convicted of leaving a crash scene resulting in serious injury in in New Mexico will be charged with a fourth degree felony, which means their license will be revoked and they will face imprisonment for up to 18 months. However, this sentence will be much harder if the driver knowingly fails to stop. If the driver knowingly fails to stop, he/she may face imprisonment for up to 3 years if the accident results in great bodily harm, and up to 6 years if the accident results in death.

What information should you exchange with other involved parties in a car accident?

Name, address, driver's license information, insurance information and phone number
BYour name only
CYou should not give out any information except to law enforcement

Exchange your name, address, driver's license information, insurance information and phone number with anyone else involved in the crash. After exchanging information, write down as much information about the crash as possible. This includes weather conditions, road conditions, time of the crash, and how the crash occurred. This will help determine who is at fault and help with insurance claims. Crashes in in New Mexico must be immediately reported in incidents of injury, fatality, or vehicle- or property damage exceeding $500.

What do flashing yellow or amber lights on a school bus mean?

The bus is about to stop
BThe bus driver is signaling for you to pass
CThere is a hazard on the road ahead

Flashing amber lights are used by school buses in many states, including New Mexico, to indicate that they are slowing down and preparing to stop. The amber lights are generally activated 100-300 feet before the bus will stop depending on the speed limit. However, you still have to be alert for school buses slowing down without using these lights as it may mean the school bus is about to stop.

When may you turn right on a red light?

AAt all times
Unless signs prohibit
COnly if signs permit

If the turn can be made safely, you may turn right on a red light in in New Mexico after coming to a complete stop and yielding to any pedestrians/vehicles lawfully proceeding through the intersection. Look for signs that prohibit the turn.

What should you do if you crash into an unattended vehicle and you're unable to locate the owner?

AWait until the owner shows up
BLeave the scene
Leave a note with all the necessary details

If you crash into an unattended vehicle, you're expected to make a reasonable attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle. If unable to locate the owner, you should instead leave a note in a secure place with your contact information and details regarding the crash. In additon, you should take pictures of the scene (including damage to the other car and their license plate number), and notify your insurance company as well as the nearest police department about the accident. Crashes in in New Mexico must be immediately reported in incidents of injury, fatality, or vehicle- or property damage exceeding $500.

Are headsets or earplugs prohibited while driving?


In New Mexico, there is no prohibition on wearing headsets while driving. However, you should be very careful about covering your ears entirely as you will miss the visual queues otherwise present in the road environment.

How far away from a school bus loading or unloading passengers do vehicles have to stop?

Before reaching the school bus
B10 feet
C15 feet
D20 feet

In New Mexico, vehicles from both directions have to stop for school buses loading or unloading passengers, even when the bus is at an intersection you are approaching. School buses use flashing red lights to indicate that the bus is stopped to load or unload school children. Do not proceed until all children have left the roadway and the lights have stopped flashing. A stop is not required when driving on the opposite side of a roadway separated by a median or other physical barrier.

Why must you be prepared to stop when driving behind a school bus and approaching a railroad crossing?

ABecause buses usually get stuck on the railroad tracks
Because school buses must stop before crossing the tracks
CBecause buses are prohibited from crossing railroad tracks

School buses, vehicles carrying passengers for hire, and vehicles transporting hazardous material must stop at all railroad crossings in in New Mexico. If you are driving behind any of these vehicles, you should be prepared to stop as well.

Texting while driving is:

ANot recommended, but legal

Texting while driving is prohibited for all drivers in in New Mexico, and state vehicles also have a ban on hand-held devices. This is because any such use will severely distract you and increase the risk of a crash. In addition, novice drivers with a learner or provisional license are prohibited from any use of a cell phone while driving. It's recommended that you pull off the road and stop if you need to make a call. Never use a phone when driving in hazardous conditions as you must focus all your attention on driving.

For how long must you signal before making a turn in New Hampshire?

At least 100 feet
BAt least 200 feet
CAt least 350 feet

To help other drivers know of your intention to turn, you must signal for at least 100 feet before turning. At higher speeds, consider signaling for far longer.

How should you act in snowy conditions?

ABrake hard
BTry to make as many sharp steering movements as possible
Brake early and gently

When driving in snow, be careful when steering, braking, and accelerating. Braking hard while driving on snow is likely to make your car skid.

What does this sign mean?

ARoadworks ahead
Railroad crossing ahead
CReserved area ahead
DLarge river ahead

This sign means that there is a railroad crossing ahead. Slow down and watch out for trains when approaching the crossing.

What does '40' mean in this case?

AThe maximum speed
BThe minimum speed
The recommended speed

This sign indicates the recommended speed for this curve is 40 mph in good conditions. Consider slowing down even more in poor weather conditions.

What does this sign mean?

AHairpin curve ahead
Sharp turn ahead
CRoundabout ahead
DT-intersection ahead

This sign warns of a 270 degree turn ahead.

What does this sign mean? 30 mph is the ____.

ARecommended speed
BMinimum speed
Maximum speed
DMaximum speed limit in poor conditions only

This is a speed limit sign. It indicates the maximum speed at which you’re allowed to drive in ideal conditions.

When driving in fog, it becomes necessary to use fog lights. What should you keep in mind?

AOnly use them in heavy traffic
BDon't use them during the day
Turn them off when visibility improves
DOnly use them on two-way roads

Fog lights are very bright and can temporarily blind other drivers if used in good conditions.

How should you act when you see these arrows?

Slow down
BSlow down to 5 mph
CBe ready to stop. The road is closed in the direction of the arrows

Chevron arrows are often placed in dangerous curves, and point in the direction of the curve. You may also see them when approaching a narrow bridge.

When you see this sign you should be prepared:

ATo make a U-turn, as the road is reserved for bicyclists
For bicyclists entering and exiting the road ahead
CTo slow down to a crawl. There are bicyclists on the road ahead

This sign indicates a bicycle crossing on the road ahead. Be prepared for bicyclists entering and exiting the road.

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