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Free Nebraska Permit Practice Test

While it may seem like an obvious tool to use, the Nebraska driver’s manual is not necessarily the best way to study for either the Nebraska driving test or Nebraska DMV written test. Driver’s handbooks can be frustrating because they present too much information at one time. This makes the material complicated and hard to remember.

If you are a new driver wondering, “How can I pass my permit test in Nebraska?” we suggest something other than the driver’s manual. Getting your learner’s permit requires earning a passing score on the Nebraska written knowledge test. If all you did to prepare is stare at the pages of the handbook, passing might be harder than you think.

Zutobi is a learning platform that has gamified the process of learning to drive in Nebraska. We are different from the driver’s handbook in many ways, but mostly in the way we present information. Our material is presented in smaller, easy-to-understand pieces that, along with our detailed visuals, are easier to remember when you take your Nebraska permit test. We also offer Nebraska DMV practice tests so you can test your knowledge before the real thing.

Pass Your Nebraska DMV Permit Test with Zutobi

Zutobi can help you pass your Nebraska permit test on your first try. In fact, 95% of our customers report a passing score the first time they take it. Pass your Nebraska DMV written test with these features as a part of our course:

  • Our interactive and engaging material will have you wondering why you even own the Nebraska driver’s manual.
  • Earn points, complete different learning levels, and challenge your friends to some healthy competition.
  • Test your knowledge in Nebraska DMV practice tests so you know where you stand before the real test.
  • Learn from your mistakes with answers and explanations to all of the multiple choice questions.
  • Learn all of the information you need to know to pass, like road signs and their meanings, traffic laws, and tips on how to avoid common new driver mistakes.

How Many Questions Are on the Permit Test in Nebraska?

There are 25 questions on the Nebraska DMV written test, and you need to answer 20 questions correctly to pass. With Zutobi, you will be prepared for any of these questions because our Nebraska DMV practice tests use questions from past and current permit tests.

Is the Nebraska Permit Test Hard?

Not if you are well prepared, and we’ve already established the driver’s manual is not the best way to go about doing that. More than 50% of teens fail their driving test the first time they take it, and we think that’s because they didn’t use the right tools. Zutobi can help you feel prepared and confident to take on your Nebraska permit test and the open road. But, before you do, here are some facts about driving in The Cornhusker State that are good to know.

The Good

  • There’s more explore in Nebraska than you think, once you pass your permit test, like the largest sand dune complex in the Western Hemisphere, and a Stonehenge replica made completely out of old cars.
  • There was an 8.8% decrease in alcohol-impaired driving fatalities between 2009-2018 in Nebraska.

The Bad

  • There were a total of 36,706 traffic accidents in Nebraska in 2019, meaning one crash occurred every 14 minutes.
  • In 2019, 17,198 people were injured in 11,939 injury-causing accidents.

The Ugly

  • There were 212 fatal car accidents in 2019 in Nebraska resulting in 248 total fatalities.
  • People 15-24 years old accounted for 25.9% of all car accidents in 2019.

Try Our FREE Nebraska DMV Practice Test

Test your knowledge in our free Nebraska DMV practice test, then try our course. Our bite-sized, easy-to-remember information is here to help you pass your Nebraska permit test on your first try. Our interactive material will keep you motivated and engaged on your way to acing your permit test. Forget the driver’s manual and try Zutobi today.