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Free Georgia Permit Practice Tests

Have you tried to wade through Georgia D.D.S. driver’s handbook for your written driving test, only to realize it’s drier than any textbook? Has your inability to make progress through the handbook caused you anxiety? We know how you feel.

Instead of stressing about the driving test handbook, get the free Zutobi app. Our cutting-edge app takes the long, dull handbook and breaks it down into bite-sized pieces that are easier to understand and remember. We made our app more like a game than a study guide with points, levels, and ways to compete with your friends. You’ll be able to learn all of the road signs, traffic laws, and rules of the road in an engaging and exciting way.

People learn better when they’re having fun and that’s why 95% of Zutobi users pass their learner’s permit test on the first try. Sign up with Zutobi and kiss the handbook goodbye forever.

Use Zutobi’s App to Ace Your Georgia Permit Test

With Zutobi’s engaging, innovative, and best of all, fun, app, you can:

  • Easily commit Georgia traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving skills to memory with our engaging format. Master the rules of the road and confidently inform your dad that he just made an illegal lane change.
  • Earn points, level up and compete with friends on the road to acing your permit test.
  • Learn from our database of Georgia Department of Driver Services (D.D.S.) practice tests. Each of our permit practice tests explains the correct answers, so you’ll have the ability to learn from your mistakes right at your fingertips.
  • Pass your Georgia D.D.S. permit test the first time (95% of Zutobi customers do).
  • Do all of this without ever having to crack open the Georgia Department of Driver Services handbook again.

Is Passing the Georgia D.D.S. Permit Test Hard?

The Georgia Department of Driver Services permit test is easy for some and hard for others. It all comes down to studying and studying effectively. Many who have tried to get through the D.D.S. driving handbook will know how hard it is to transfer that knowledge to the actual test. Nationally, around half of people fail to get a passing score their first time taking their learner’s permit test due to unpreparedness.

The best way to study for your Georgia D.D.S. permit test is with an app like Zutobi’s. Study with us and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to ace your Georgia D.D.S. written test.

What Is Driving In Georgia Like?

Georgia is home to the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, The Varsity (stretches two acres, holds 600 vehicles), and has a law called the ‘Slowpoke Law’ that enables law enforcement to pull you over if you’re going the speed limit in the passing lane. Here are some other facts about driving in the Peach State.

The Good

  • WalletHub placed Georgia as #7 on its list of best driving states in the country.
  • Georgia ranks fifth in the country for lowest auto maintenance costs.
  • In 2019, Georgia had the best roads in the US.

The Bad

  • In 2019, QuoteWizard claimed Georgia had some of the country’s worst drivers due to frequently speeding, distracted driving, and heavy traffic.
  • A different report ranked Georgia 18th in the country when it comes to bad drivers.
  • In 2018 Georgia ranked 23rd for drunk driving, with 308.7 DUI-related arrests per 100,000 people.
  • Atlantans with Allstate insurance were 60 percent more likely to file an insurance claim than the national average, and on average filed claims every six years.

The Ugly

  • In 2018, Georgia had 1,504 traffic deaths.
  • In March 2019, 143 people in Georgia were killed in car crashes on interstates, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Take Our Free Georgia D.D.S. Permit Practice Test Now

Georgia’s written test is 40 multiple choice questions and you must answer at least 75% (30 of 40) correctly to pass. Go ahead and try now, on our FREE Georgia D.D.S. permit practice test! Our Department of Driver Services permit practice test simulates the real thing so you’ll know exactly what it feels like to take the Georgia permit test.