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Free Indiana Permit Practice Tests

Indiana. Home to the Brickyard and the Indianapolis 500, and if you’re a new driver who has dreamt of making left turns at 160 miles per hour, your first step is to pass your Indiana BMV permit test. We know there isn’t much that can top the heart-pumping action of the famous car race, but we know one thing that doesn’t come even close, the Indiana driver’s handbook. Luckily, there is a better, more exciting way to learn to drive and pass your Indiana permit test.

Zutobi is a driving app that puts you in the driver’s seat. Our app gives you real-life experience, and the ability to make mistakes before they really matter, with our gamified approach to driver’s education. We offer driving games, free permit practice tests, and other tips on skills like defensive driving.

Pass Your Indiana Permit Test the First Time with Zutobi

More than 50% of teens fail their learner’s permit test on their first try. With Zutobi, 95% of our customers pass the first time with our easy-to-remember lessons and bite-sized pieces of information. Download Zutobi and pass your BMV test with these in-app components.

  • Earn points in competitions against your friends and have fun learning to drive, all without the Indiana driver’s manual.
  • Learn the correct answers to pass the written Indiana BMV permit test with multiple choice questions taken directly from current and past tests.
  • Test what you think you already know with our free Indiana BMV practice tests.
  • Learn traffic laws, road signs, and stellar driving skills that can rival any professional driver’s talent (okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you’ll definitely rival your parents’ skills).
  • Our different operating systems allow you to use the app and learn at your convenience.

How Can I Pass My Permit Test in Indiana?

Zutobi equips you with the information you need to know in order to pass your BMV test the first time. We provide answers and explanations to the multiple choice questions on our permit practice tests so you will learn the correct answers to pass and why they are correct. All of this material is at your fingertips and is sure to help you pass your permit test the first time.

How Many Questions are on the Permit Test in Indiana?

There are 50 questions total on the Indiana BMV permit test, and they are broken up into two sections. In order to pass, you must answer 28 of the 34 questions correctly in the road rules section and 14 of the 16 questions correctly in the road signs section.

Is the Indiana Permit Test Hard?

That depends on how you study for it. All of the information in the Zutobi app is presented in a way that is meant to be easy to learn and easy to remember. Rather than absent-mindedly flipping through the manual, Zutobi keeps you engaged and motivated to learn safe driving skills on your way to a passing score.

Zutobi can help you pass the test, but actually driving in Indiana can look different than it does on paper. Here are some facts about the reality of driving in The Hoosier State.

The Good:

  • In 2018, QuoteWizard ranked Indiana as the 19th best state to drive in.
  • Indianapolis was ranked as the 21st best driving city in the nation.
  • There was a 6% decrease in traffic deaths between 2017-2018 in Indiana.

The Bad:

  • In 2017, Indiana drivers between the ages of 21-24 had the highest percentage of impaired drivers.
  • In the same year, about 9.2% of drivers and passengers involved in car accidents in Indiana were not wearing a seatbelt.

The Ugly:

  • Despite the decrease, there were still 859 traffic fatalities in Indiana in 2018.
  • In 2017, Indiana saw a total of 34,421 alcohol-related car accidents and 16,852 speeding-related accidents.

Take a FREE Permit Practice Test Today

Zutobi is here to help you pass your permit test and learn safe driving skills. Our wealth of useful information and free practice tests will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to get behind the wheel. We’re not saying you’re all going to become racecar drivers, but if you do find yourself speeding through the Indy-500, remember us when you win.