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North Carolina teens and adults can now ace their driver’s permit test with ease through Zutobi’s proven and easy-to-use course.

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It can prove difficult to pass your North Carolina permit test using only the driver’s handbook, which is why about 50% fail the exam on their first try. The information is wordy and complicated, and it’s presented in a way that can make it hard to remember when you sit down to take the real test.
If you’re a new driver in North Carolina and can’t stand looking at the stuffy handbook any longer, it might be time to consider a different study tool. One that breaks up the information into easily understandable pieces, and keeps you motivated to earn a passing score on your permit test.
Zutobi does just that. We teach new drivers all of the information they need to know, like road signs, safe driving skills, and traffic laws - all split into easy-to-remember lessons. Our gamified approach to driver’s ed keeps you engaged in what you’re learning and help guide you on your way to a passing score on your North Carolina permit test.

Ace Your North Carolina Permit Test with Zutobi

Zutobi is specifically designed to give you real-world experience before you can actually make costly, real-world mistakes. Here’s how:

  • Learn all the rules of the road using our summarized North Carolina driver’s handbook.
  • Test your knowledge with North Carolina DMV permit practice tests. Learn from your mistakes with explanations to all of our multiple choice questions.
  • Gamification lets you have fun while you study. Earn points, achievements, badges, and more.
  • Learn useful information like road signs, traffic laws, and driving techniques like using your turn signal to change lanes, which is required every time.
  • Learn from anywhere at any time from any device.
  • Save time, money, and brain cells by studying for your permit test right the first time.

Is the North Carolina Permit Test Hard?

Yes and no. A staggering 50% fail the written test nation-wide, but it really comes down to how well you’ve prepared.

Zutobi’s material is designed to be easy to learn and easy to remember, something we can’t say for the information in the driver’s handbook. Our North Carolina practice permit tests will prepare you for any question they throw at you.

How Many Questions Are on the Permit Test in North Carolina?

There are 25 multiple choice questions on the North Carolina DMV written test all about road signs, laws, and regulations. In order to pass the first time, you must answer 20 (80%) of those questions correctly.

What Is It Like to Drive in North Carolina?

Here are some facts about driving in North Carolina (some of which aren’t so fun).

The Good

In North Carolina, it is illegal to use a phone to text or email while operating a vehicle.
North Carolina is home to the Outer Banks Scenic Byway. a suspended road that allows you to hop from beach town to beach town, once you get your learner’s permit, of course!

The Bad

In 2018, 61% of people killed in car accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina were not wearing a seatbelt.
Charlotte, North Carolina is the 17th largest city in the U.S., however, it’s ranked as the 15th city in terms of most fatal crashes.

The Ugly

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranked North Carolina as the 5th worst state for deadly car accidents, with 1,412 traffic fatalities in 2017.
In 2016, 30% of the 1,441 fatal accidents were due to alcohol, 32% involved speeding, and 12% involved distracted driving — all avoidable behaviors.

Why Put Your Trust In Zutobi?

Ever since we started out in 2018 we knew we had something special. As our happy customers will attest, we’ve taken the long, hard, and frustrating process of studying for your permit test and made it short, easy, and best of all, fun! We know that we’ve reached our goal of making a driver’s training course that people love and can’t wait for you to love it too.

Zutobi takes the hassle out of preparing for your permit test by streamlining the whole process. Study with us and you’ll not only pass your North Carolina DMV test but also enrich your understanding of traffic laws so you can drive with maximum confidence.

How Can I Pass My Permit Test in North Carolina?

Try our free North Carolina DMV permit practice test now, then sign up for our course to get going on your way to your learner’s permit.

Ace your DMV test, guaranteed