Arizona MVD Practice Test 2022

The Arizona MVD permit test consists of 30 questions, and you must answer at least 24 questions correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official AZ exam.

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What will happen if you refuse a breath test when an officer suspects you of driving while intoxicated?

Your driver license will be suspended
BYou will face imprisonment for up to 5 years
CNothing - the officer cannot require you to submit a breath test

The implied consent law in Arizona says that by getting behind the wheel, you have already given consent (i.e. answered "yes") to allow a blood, breath, or urine test if requested by a law enforcement officer. Refusing a police breath/chemical test is a serious offense and will result in license suspension.

What is the BAC-limit for drivers that are 21 years old or older?


The BAC limit in Arizona is 0.08. Drivers must not drive on or over the legal BAC limit! If you suspect you are close to the limit, do not drive! Also, even a low BAC may impact your driving drastically so refrain from driving if you feel affected in any way.

What is the BAC-limit for drivers under 21 years old?


Arizona drivers under 21 have a zero-tolerance on alcohol and must not drive with any alcohol in their system!

When driving at night, you must dim your lights to low-beam when you're within _____ of an oncoming vehicle.

500 feet
B700 feet
C1000 feet

High beam headlights will temporarily blind other drivers if used the wrong way. In Arizona, you are required to dim your light to low beam if (1) within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or (2) within 200 feet of a vehicle traveling in your direction.

You're driving at night and approaching another vehicle traveling in your direction. When must you dim your lights?

Within 200 feet of the vehicle
BWithin 300 feet of the vehicle
CWithin 400 feet of the vehicle

High beam headlights will temporarily blind other drivers if used the wrong way. In Arizona, you are required to dim your light to low beam if (1) within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or (2) within 200 feet of a vehicle traveling in your direction.

You are required to use your headlights in certain conditions. Which of the following is an example of such a condition?

Between sunset and sunrise
BWhen visibility is less than 1500 ft
COn a clear day in a business district

In Arizona, you must use your headlights between (1) sunset and sunrise, (2) when visibility is less than 500 feet, and (3) in snow and ice. Also, you're required to dim your lights to low beam when (1) within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle and (2) within 200 feet of a vehicle traveling in your direction.

Is the use of Hazard Lights permitted while driving?


Hazard light use is not permitted while driving in Arizona except for in emergency situations.

You see that there is a stopped emergency vehicle on the road shoulder ahead,. What should you do?

ACome to a complete stop at least 50 feet from the emergency vehicle
Vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle
CTry to pass the emergency vehicle as quickly as possible

The Arizona move-over-law is designed to protect emergency personnel and workers. If approaching a stationary vehicle, including emergency vehicles and tow trucks, with flashing- or warning lights, you must vacate the lane closest to the stopped vehicle. If changing lanes is unsafe or not possible, you must slow down to a safe and prudent speed for the conditions.

What is considered a sufficient following distance on a dry road?

A2 seconds or less
At least 3 seconds
CAt least 4 Seconds

You should always maintain a following distance of at least 3 seconds to the vehicle in front of you, according to the "three-second rule" used in Arizona. In bad conditions and at higher speeds, you should consider increasing the following distance to 4-5 seconds so you have time to safely stop if necessary. On slippery roads, it may be necessary to increase the following distance even more.

What is the standard speed limit in business and residential districts?

A15 mph
25 mph
C45 mph

In Arizona, the standard speed limit in residential or business districts is 25 mph unless signs indicate otherwise.

What is the default speed limit outside of business or residential districts?

A30 mph
B55 mph
65 mph

In Arizona, the default speed limit outside of business or residential districts is 65 mph. The default speed limit applies unless signs indicate otherwise. If a limit is posted, you must obey the limit.

Are you ever allowed to exceed the speed limit?

AYes, but only when passing

You are NOT permitted to exceed the speed limit at any time.

Yellow center lines separate traffic _____.

ATraveling in the same direction
Traveling in opposite directions

Yellow center lines separate traffic traveling in opposite directions, and white lane lines separate traffic traveling in the same direction. Depending on the lines, you may or may not be allowed to pass: Solid lines indicate that passing is prohibited. Broken lines indicate that passing is permitted if you can do so safely.

You're driving at night with your headlights on high beam, and another vehicle is passing you. When should you change to low beam?

AAfter the vehicle has passed you and returned to the right lane
BOnly if the other driver isn’t using high beams
Before your high beams could blind the other driver

High-beam headlights can blind the driver of the passing vehicle. Change to low beams just as the vehicle passes you.

What’s true about slippery roads and rain?

ARain doesn’t make the road slippery
BThe longer it rains, the slipperier the roads will become
You should be extra careful just as it starts to rain

Be extra careful just as it starts to rain, as the initial rain will make any road slippery due to oil and dirt that is washed to the surface. The oil and dirt can cause skidding until further rain washes it away.

What should you do if the ABS warning light stays on?

ACheck the brake-fluid level
BPump the brake pedal
Have your brakes checked immediately

The ABS light will stay on to alert the driver that the safety system is no longer active. Have your brakes checked immediately.

Passing across double solid yellow center lines is:


Double solid yellow center lines indicate that passing is prohibited in either direction. Don’t drive to the left of double solid yellow lines to pass another vehicle!

Before passing another vehicle:

AEstimate how much time and distance the maneuver will require
BLook for oncoming vehicles and check how traffic moves behind you
CLook ahead for hazards
All of the above

Passing is a complicated maneuver requiring both skill and experience. Before passing, look ahead for oncoming vehicles, the road conditions (e.g. cracks or potholes), and estimate if you can complete the maneuver safely. If safe - signal, check the blind spot and begin with the maneuver.

Does the car have to yield to the pedestrian?


Pedestrians crossing at corners or other crosswalks have the right-of-way. The car may proceed when the pedestrian is safely out of range.

What does this sign mean?

AFlagger ahead
Workers on or close by the road ahead
CPlayground ahead
DArchaeological site ahead

This is a ‘Workers Ahead’ sign. Slow down as there may be workers on or near the road ahead.

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