Arizona 2023 DMV course

This Arizona all-in-one course contains a complete DMV prep course, unlimited Practice Tests, and a summarized Arizona Driver's Handbook. Rest assured - it's all you need to ace your Arizona DMV exam. Perfect for first-time learners or as a refresher course.

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Practice tests

Practice mode

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Choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 random questions

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Road Signs

Choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 road sign questions

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Incorrectly answered

Questions you have answered incorrectly in the chapter tests

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Saved Questions

Questions that you have marked as saved

Exam mode

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Exam simulator

Take a timed test. Designed to mimic the real test

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Module test

Test your knowledge on a specific module

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Final test

The final test covers all of the modules, and is the ultimate test of your knowledge

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14 Jul 2020


This is exactly what i was looking for. Something very visual for a visual learner like me. And easy for someone dumb like me. And completely free minus ads. For someone broke like me. The only real problem i have with this app is sometimes the quizes after the text have material that isnt gone over in the text. For instance, road markings 2 only talks about center turn lanes, but the first question i get are about some diamond signal.I recommend this app to anyone needing to learn

7 Mar 2019

A Google user

I only got to chapter 6 because every tine i try to watch an ad to unlock it, it stays on the loading screen. Yes, my WiFi connection is working. edit: I finally unlocked the chapter, and now I'm at the signs chapter but the pictures won't load. I've been coming back to the app every day ti see if this is fixed, but I'm still not able to load the pictures final??edit: yes, thank you very much everything's fixed now

30 Apr 2023

Josiah Usher

I've pass my written exam and pass it thx to this app zutobi I love how we can refresh our brain so we can study more and anytime anywhere I love this app for sure they help me pass my course

9 Feb 2023

Dom Brink

Dude it's worth the money like it's really cheap to like 5 bucks a week but it helped me pass my permit like I only got 3 wrong, and I'm so grateful for the app to, also if you don't know what something means just Google it, I had to do that like 2 times I think but other than that great app

El evento



I am 15 bout to turn 16 and I retired reading the book but I learn better visually so this helps Me out a lot!


Unlike other apps, this one actually gives you a little “study guide”.


They only give a 3 day free trial so my best advice would be to stay up on a Saturday night and do all of the tests in the levels until every test is over 90% correct then on Sunday periodically when you have free time do the mini tests on signs and street and Parking and then on Sunday night before you go to the dmv on Monday do all the questions that you got incorrect through out all the tests before you go to sleep and then on Monday do some more mini tests while waiting to be helped and then you’ll be good that’s what I did.


amazing app! recommend to all of my friends! I started the free trial 3 days before my test and only got two wrong! highly recommend! 😊 very pleased with my experience! take the free trail it's worth it!