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Free Mississippi Permit Practice Tests

Let’s face it, the Mississippi driver’s manual is a tough read. It’s bland, overwhelming, and a boring way to learn the rules of the road in the Magnolia State. What if there was a better way to pass your Mississippi DPS permit test? One that is more engaging, easier to digest, and frankly more fun than trudging through the pages of the driver’s manual.

Zutobi does just that. Our app takes all of the information you need to know for the written knowledge test and presents it in pieces that are easy to understand and remember. We have gamified the process of learning to drive and passing your permit test.

With Zutobi, you’ll learn road signs, traffic laws, and driving techniques in a unique way that will ensure you a passing score on your Mississippi DPS permit test.

Pass Your Mississippi Permit Test with Zutobi

Zutobi allows you to have fun and study at the same time.

Here’s how:

  • Drop the Mississippi driver’s manual and forget about all of the other boring ways you can study for your learner’s permit test.
  • Challenge your friends to some healthy competition as you level up and earn points on your way to a passing score.
  • Take a free Mississippi DPS permit practice test that looks just like the real written knowledge test you will eventually take. Check to see if you answered the multiple choice questions correctly and learn from your mistakes with the explanations we provide.
  • Learn the Mississippi traffic laws, identify road signs and their meanings, and learn safe driving skills like when to properly use your turn signal — we’re looking at you, Dad!
  • Review past and present questions from the real Mississippi permit test so you are sure to join the 95% of our customers who pass the first time.
  • Conveniently learn from anywhere on any device with the different operating systems we offer.

Is the Mississippi Permit Test Hard?

The key to a passing score on the permit test is not how quickly you read the driver’s manual; it’s how well you can remember the information. With our permit practice test, engaging format, and wealth of information, you will be fully prepared for any question on the real written knowledge test.

How Many Questions Are On the Permit Test in Mississippi?

The Mississippi permit test has 30 multiple choice questions, of which you will need to answer 24 (80%) correctly to pass. These questions will all center around the information you will learn with Zutobi. However, here are other facts about driving in Mississippi that are good to know.

The Good:

  • QuoteWizard estimated that drunk driving accidents in Mississippi decreased by 50% between 2000-2017.
  • New seatbelt laws in 2017 have led to fewer severe or fatal injuries in accidents. Now, all passengers are required to buckle-up in Mississippi.

The Bad:

  • The laws against drinking and driving in Mississippi are confusing. Without a strict, state-wide ban on open containers in a vehicle, the average DUI arrest rate is 462 for every 100,000 people.
  • Mississippi is ranked 5th in states with the worst DUI problems.
  • The rural two-lane highways that make up much of Mississippi’s roads are four times as deadly as city streets.

The Ugly:

  • In 2018, 685 people died in car crashes in Mississippi resulting in the highest traffic fatality rate in the U.S.
  • Between 1999 and 2018, Mississippi led the nation in the highest traffic fatalities for all but three years.

Take Our FREE Mississippi DPS Permit Practice Test Now

If you’re struggling and wondering “How can I pass my permit test in Mississippi?” download the Zutobi app now to get started on our free Mississippi DPS permit practice test and leave the stuffy driver’s manual in the rearview.