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Free Arkansas Permit Practice Tests

We bet we can read your mind if you’re a new driver in The Land of Opportunity. You’re thinking, “How can I pass my permit test in Arkansas?” We know you’ve given the Arkansas driver’s manual a try, and we definitely know it was a no-go. Let us show you a better way. Being a new driver can be hard, but we can take the stress out of your Arkansas DMV permit test.

Zutobi is an app that breaks down all of the information you need to know in order to pass your permit test into small, easy-to-remember pieces. Unlike the driver’s handbook, our app is a fun, engaging, and practical tool that you can use on your way to a passing score.

We provide lessons, games, and free Arkansas DMV practice tests to help you learn the in’s and out’s of driving in Arkansas.

Use Zutobi to Pass You Arkansas DMV Permit Test

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for any teenager, however, it doesn’t have to be as boring as it used to be. Zutobi can make passing your Arkansas permit test easier and more fun.

Here’s how:

  • If it’s not Zutobi we can only guarantee one thing: it’s boring as heck. So, drop the manual. Seriously.
  • Learn how to drive anywhere at any time on any device with our convenient app.
  • Test what you think you already know in a free Arkansas DMV practice test.
  • We provide answers as well as explanations to all of the multiple choice questions on the written test, so you can check your work and learn from your mistakes.
  • Challenge your friends and earn points on your way to a shiny new learner’s permit.
  • Learn road signs (like speed limit signs), defensive driving skills, and errors that are considered traffic violations. Yes, Dad, failing to use your turn signal is one of them.

How Many Questions Are on the Permit Test in Arkansas?

There are 25 multiple choice questions on the Arkansas DMV written test. In order to pass, you must answer 18 (70%) of those questions correctly. Zutobi provides practice tests that use questions from past and present Arkansas permit tests. You can test your knowledge against real information on a simulated Arkansas DMV practice test.

Is the Arkansas Permit Test Hard?

Only if you aren’t prepared. In fact, more than 50% of teens fail their permit test on their first try. With Zutobi, 95% of our customers pass their test the first time. Our proven easy-to-learn lessons ensure our customers are confident and ready to pass their exam — but, remember, pass on the left.

What is it Like to Drive in Arkansas?

The driver’s manual is boring, that’s our first fact. Here are some other statistics about driving in Arkansas that are good to know.

The Good:

  • Officially, Arkansas is nicknamed “The Natural State” because of its mountains, valleys, and clear streams, making it a beautiful place to go for a drive.
  • Arkansas has a graduated driver’s license program that allows drivers to earn their permit at 14 and drive with supervision for two years.

The Bad:

  • Safewise lists Arkansas as the most dangerous state to drive in during a rainstorm.
  • Arkansas saw up to a 70% decrease in traffic on the road in 2020, yet, traffic fatalities were 16% higher due to reckless driving on open roads.
  • In 2018, 50 drivers in Arkansas under the age of 18 were arrested for driving under the influence.

The Ugly:

  • A study found that Arkansas teens are the 2nd most dangerous drivers in the U.S. In 2019, there were 29 teen traffic fatalities.
  • In Arkansas, 46.2% of teens text and drive, 10.7% drink and drive, and 17.5% drive without a seatbelt.
  • Download Zutobi and Take a FREE Arkansas DMV Practice Test

    Preparing for your Arkansas DMV practice test is important and learning proper skills can be lifesaving. But, we agree. It doesn’t have to be boring. With the Zutobi app, you can learn valuable driving skills without the dull manual.