Arkansas DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 25 questions on the Arkansas DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official AZ MC test.

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How can you calculate the following distance?

Increase the following distance if too close. Maintaining a sufficient following distance is vital to prevent unnecessary accidents as it’ll give you more time to stop if you have to.

What is ‘tailgating’?

‘Tailgating’ is the term used to describe when a vehicle is following too closely behind the vehicle in front. Tailgating is dangerous as you’ll have less time to respond to hazards, your view of the road will be limited, and you won’t have a sufficient safety margin. For all of these reasons, you should never tailgate another vehicle!

How can you adjust for merging vehices on an entrance ramp to the highway?

All drivers should try to make space for merging vehicles if possible, such as moving to an adjacent lane, if open, or adjusting the speed to open up space for the merging driver. Riders have to be especially careful as drivers are less likely to spot them as they merge.

What does the "Search" in Search, Evaluate, Execute (SEE) mean?

SEE is a three-step process that motorcycle riders can use to make appropriate judgments and apply them correcly. It stands for Search, Evaluate, Execute. "Search" is focused on how you can avoid potential hazards by searching ahead, behind, and to the sides. Look for escape routes that you can use if something does happen. You should search for factors like: pedestrians near parked vehicles, hazardous road conditions, oncoming vehicles that may drive over your lane, or traffic that is approaching you.

Do you have to signal when turning left or right at an intersection?

Always signal when turning, regardless of the direction. If you don’t, you may catch other road users off guard and cause a crash.

You’re being passed. What should you do?

Don’t increase your speed while being passed. If possible, you should keep to the right and leave space in front of your motorcycle so the other driver can return to the right lane after passing.

Why should you ride with your headlight on even during the day?

Motorcycles are small and difficult to spot. To increase your chances of being seen, use headlights even during the day.

The front brake provides the most stopping power. How should you use it?

Never "grab" the front brake as it may cause your motorcycle to tip over or skid. A skid will occur if you apply too much brake. Using the front brake on a slippery surface may be hazardous.

Should you assume that other drivers will obey the road rules and yield the right-of-way when they are supposed to?

Some drivers don’t know the road rules well enough to yield when they should, and other drivers may even have forgotten the road rules. Always be ready for the unexpected.

How often should you check the motorcycle's lights, chain/belt, fluids, and tires?

To make sure your motorcycle is safe to use, check your lights, foil and fluid levels, tires, belt/chain, and the kick stand before every ride.

You can see that oil is leaking from your forks. Why should you not ride in this condition?

A leak in the suspension forks will lead to an ineffective suspension. The oil can also find its way to the brakes or tires which can result in you losing control of your motorcycle.

You’re driving in slow-moving traffic and you will be forced to pass the railroad track at a very low speed. What should you do?

Only proceed if you are certain that you can cross the tracks completely. If you’re driving in slow-moving traffic, or the exit is blocked, stay on the approach side until there’s space on the other side.

Remember that trains are fast, need long distances to stop, and will be unable to stop in time for a vehicle on the crossing.

Brightly-colored or reflective materials on clothing can help with what?

Any help you can give to other drivers is good. In some cases, drivers just quickly glance in their rear-view mirror or side mirrors before changing lanes and they may not spot a motorcycle rider in black clothing. Your body is half the visible surface area of the entire motorcycle unit, so your clothing will greatly affect if others spot you or not.

You should warn your passenger of which special condition(s)?

All of these special conditions may require the passenger to hold on so they don't fall off. Explain them before you start the trip.

You intend to turn left at a traffic light intersection with a red arrow. What does the red arrow indicate?

A red arrow indicates that turning is prohibited in the direction of the arrow. You may proceed when the arrow has changed to green.

Why should you deactivate your turn signals as soon as possible after a turn?

Always double-check that your turn signals have been turned off after you have completed the turn. If they are still activated, other drivers may drive directly across your path expecting you to turn again in the direction your signals are indicating. For example; if you are signaling left but riding straight ahead, another vehicle may turn in front of you.

How can you prevent drowsiness or fatigue on a long journey?

The best way to prevent fatigue on a long journey is to take regular breaks. Long but infrequent breaks will help, but not as much as short and frequent ones. Energy drinks will only help for a short while, and then you’ll become even more tired than you were before. Remember to nap before the journey so you are rested when you begin.

If you are group riding, which of the following is NOT an example of when you should move into a single formation?

When group riding, you should never ride directly alongside another rider as there will be no place to go if you spot a hazard on the road. You can either ride in a staggered formation (like a zig-zag line) or a single-file formation. These formations are good for different things, so you may have to shift formation frequently.

When riding with a passenger, which of the following is FALSE?

The added weight of the passenger will mean it takes longer to accelerate, slow down, or stop. Because of this, you need to adapt your speed, following distance, space cushion, corner speed, etc.

What does the "Evaluate" in Search, Evaluate, Execute (SEE) mean?

SEE is a three-step process that motorcycle riders can use to make appropriate judgments and apply them correcly. It stands for Search, Evaluate, Execute. "Evaluate" is focused on evaluating how a hazard can affect you and have a plan in place to reduce risks. For example; evaluate how traffic traffic control devices will affect traffic up ahead, how you should avoid potholes etc., when other vehicles may move in front of you (near a highway exit, for example).

Is the Motorcycle Permit Test Hard?

That depends on how you study. Manuals tend to be overwhelming and bland, making them difficult study tools. Zutobi is different because we present our material in ways that keep you engaged and allow you to easily recall what you’ve learned when you sit down to take your test. In other words, Zutobi is the perfect study tool.

How Can I Get My Motorcycle Permit in Arkansas?

Zutobi offers a range of material that will help you earn a passing score on your motorcycle permit test. Here are some of the features that will help you get there:

  • Fun learning levels that will keep you engaged in what you are learning as you earn points and level-up.
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How Do I Get My Motorcycle License in Arkansas?

After you’ve passed the written test and the vision test you will receive your motorcycle permit. Here are the next steps to receive your motorcycle license:

  • There are different types of Arkansas motorcycle licenses you can apply for depending on your age.
  • If you are 14-16 years old, you can apply for a Class MD license in order to drive a motorcycle displacing 250 cc or less, or a Motorcycle Bicycle certificate (MB) which allows you to operate a motor-bike displacing 50 cc or less.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to receive a Class M motorcycle license which allows you to operate all forms of motorized bicycles.
  • In order to receive your Arkansas motorcycle license, you must pass the road skills test which will test your ability to communicate with other drivers, choose the safest and clearest path, and make smooth turns and stops.
  • In Arkansas, you do have the option to waive the road skills test if you complete an approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course within 90 days of your license application.

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