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Free Connecticut DMV Permit Practice Test

Trying to pass your permit test is stressful enough without the overwhelmed feeling you get from staring at the wordy material in the Connecticut driver’s handbook. If you’re a would-be driver in Connecticut who knows this feeling and you’re wondering, “How can I pass my permit test in Connecticut?” your best study tool might not be the Connecticut driver’s manual.

The driver’s handbook can be hard to use for your Connecticut DMV permit test because the material is presented in a dense, boring way. It’s hard to stay engaged in what you’re learning when all you are doing is reading complicated language from a book. Luckily, there is a better tool to use to stay engaged and motivated to pass your Connecticut DMV permit test on your first try.

Zutobi is our online driver’s education platform that has gamified the process of learning to drive. With our fun learning levels, and different ways to challenge your friends as you earn points, learning to drive has never been more exciting. Zutobi also offers users the chance to test their knowledge before their real permit test with Connecticut DMV permit practice tests.

Pass Your Connecticut Permit Test with Zutobi

Zutobi offers useful visuals to accompany the material, and our course covers everything from Connecticut traffic laws to road signs and their meanings. All of this information is there to help you ace your Connecticut permit test the first time you take it. Here’s how Zutobi can help.

  • Leave the Connecticut driver’s manual in the rearview and earn a passing score on your permit test the fun way.
  • Learn everything you need to know in order to pass your permit test, like road signs, traffic laws, and driving techniques like the proper way to park a car.
  • Test what you think you already know with our Connecticut DMV permit practice tests. Check your answers and learn from your mistakes with the answers and explanations we provide for every multiple choice question.

How Many Questions are on the Permit Test in Connecticut?

The Connecticut permit test has 25 questions, and in order to pass and receive your learner’s permit, you must answer 20 of those questions correctly. With Zutobi, 95% of our customers report a passing score the first time they take their test. That’s compared to the less than 50% of people overall who pass the first time.

Is the Connecticut Permit Test Hard?

It can be, but only if you’re not fully prepared. Zutobi offers Connecticut permit practice tests with questions taken from previous and current permit tests. With these questions, and the other material offered in our driving course to help you study, the Connecticut DMV written test will be easier than you think!

What’s It Like to Drive in Connecticut?

Driving on the roads in any state is a lot different than learning about it. Here are some facts about driving in The Constitution State that are good to know.

The Good:

  • In order to decrease the distractions for young drivers, Connecticut has a graduated driver’s license program that restricts the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle during certain stages after a new driver passes their permit exam.
  • It is illegal to text or talk on a cellphone while driving in Connecticut unless the driver has a hands-free device. However, all cellphone usage, including hands-free, is illegal for drivers under the age of 18.

The Bad:

  • In 2018, federal statistics placed Connecticut well above the national average in the percentage of fatal accidents involving alcohol.
  • Of the 278 fatal accidents in Connecticut in 2017, 43% of them involved drunk driving.

The Ugly:

Try Our FREE Connecticut DMV Permit Practice Test

Try your hand at our free Connecticut DMV permit practice test today, then sign up for a driving course. Zutobi’s bite-sized material is specifically designed to be easier to understand, and therefore, easier to remember when you sit down to take your real permit test. Sign up for Zutobi today and be on your way to a passing score on your Connecticut permit test and a shiny new learner’s permit.