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Free Illinois Permit Practice Tests

Tired of reading the driver’s handbook in preparation for your Illinois permit test? We totally understand. Trying to retain knowledge from something so dense and boring is nearly impossible. That’s why we broke every rule, every law, and every safety guideline you’ll need to know for your learner’s permit test down into easy to retain pieces. We’ve even included practice tests to help you prepare!

Because, at Zutobi, we believe less is more when it comes to studying for the driver’s written exam. Our approach simplifies the driver’s handbook and puts it all into a streamlined system. Every road sign, traffic law, and maneuver you’ll need to master to ace your Illinois permit test is there. Our system is rich in visuals, pictures, and illustrations that put you in the figurative driver’s seat with no driver’s manual required. We have multiple practice tests designed to be just like the real thing. Each practice test includes all of the right answers so if you miss a question, you’ll be shown the correct answer so you can learn from your mistakes.

As if breaking everything down into one convenient system wasn’t enough, we took things a step further. Our course encourages learning through fun. You can now study for your test while earning points, leveling-up, and schooling your friends on everything from traffic rules to all the different ways of parking a vehicle. This innovative approach is probably why 95% of Zutobi customers pass their Illinois permit test on the first try. Once you’ve tried Zutobi, you can kiss the driver’s handbook goodbye.

Ace Your Illinois Permit Test With Zutobi

With Zutobi’s engaging, innovative, and best of all, fun, course, you can:

  • Onboard all of the rules, traffic laws, road signs, and maneuvers, like how to park a car, with our easy-to-follow format as you notify your mom that she’s supposed to stop before a stop sign. All of the Illinois-specific road rules are included.
  • Climb levels as you earn points on our gamified platform and show your friends how much you know.
  • Take and retake our Illinois DMV practice tests as many times as you want. Each question on our permit practice tests has the correct answers included so you can learn from your mistakes. Each question on our practice permit tests is meant to give you the best possible idea of what to expect on the actual Illinois permit test.
  • Take the Illinois permit test and pass the first time (95% of Zutobi customers do)
  • Do all of this without having to crack open the Illinois driver’s manual ever again.

Is Passing the Illinois DMV Written Test Hard?

It all depends on your level of preparation. Across the country, around half of people don’t pass their permit test on the first try. This could be because they either didn’t study or didn’t study effectively.

With Zutobi, you get it all. Not only do you get an engaging, innovative, and fun course, but you also get an effective way to study with proven results. Everything the handbook has, Zutobi has. It’s just presented in a way that’s much more conducive to preparing you for your Illinois DMV written test.

What Is It Like to Drive in Illinois?

To prepare you even more for the world of driving in Illinois, we’ve complied a few stats for you to consider. As you prepare for your learner’s permit test, it helps to be aware that the roads of Illinois are full of other drivers. As you prepare for your written knowledge test or take one of our permit practice tests, it pays to be in the know.

The Good

  • Illinois is among the states with the most auto repair shops per capita with only California, New York, and Pennsylvania ahead of it.
  • The Land of Lincoln is the 11th best state for distracted driving and Chicago was ranked the third-best driving city in the country.

The Bad

  • Nearly 20% of Illinois roads are in poor condition and one study reported that damaged vehicles and wasted time maneuvering on bad roads cost motorists $18 billion in Illinois.
  • Only 86.3 percent of Illinois drivers have insurance.
  • In 2017, law enforcement arrested 27,046 people for DUI in Illinois.

The Ugly

Take Our Free Permit Practice Test For Illinois Now

The Illinois permit test consists of 35 multiple-choice questions of which you have to answer 28 (80%) questions correctly to pass. We offer permit practice tests (including a free one linked from this page) with all the correct answers provided so you can learn from your mistakes. Our practice tests are intended to give you the best possible example of what the real written knowledge test will be like.

Don’t like how you performed on your Illinois DMV practice test? Lucky for you we made a comprehensive and enjoyable course complete with practice tests you can use to help you brush up!