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Is Passing the WA Learners Test Hard?

Western Australia is one of the hardest states to get your licence in, with a difficult learners permit test and driving test. For example, in 2018-2019, 68% failed their WA driving tests according to official statistics. Like a lot of Western Australians, you’ll probably find that just reading the WA Drive Safe Handbook isn’t enough to help you pass.

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What Is It Like to Drive in Western Australia?

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Since 2018, Zutobi has helped thousands of young people achieve greatness by passing their WA learners test on their first try. Our goal was to make a course that was not only robust and comprehensive but also convenient, easy-to-use, and fun. We believe we’ve achieved that and based on all of the safe, responsible, and happy drivers we’ve helped, we think you’ll agree.

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Are there any situations when you're allowed to drive without a seatbelt?

BYes, if the road has a speed limit below 30 km/h
DYes, if driving short distances (less than 2 km)

You don't have to wear a seatbelt when you are reversing, have an appropriate doctor’s certificate or when engaged in door to door delivery (and travelling below 25 km/h). While you're not required to wear a seatbelt in these situations, it's recommended that you do.

You’re driving in a built-up area at night. Which statement is true?

APedestrians are often easier to spot at night
Pedestrians are often harder to spot at night

Drive more carefully at night. Pedestrians and animals are often harder to spot in the dark.

What does this sign mean?

AYou shouldn’t enter the road ahead during daytime
BYou shouldn’t enter the road ahead during at night
You’re not allowed to enter the road ahead
DPedestrians must not enter, but vehicles may

You must not drive past this sign at any time. The road could, for example, be a one-way road with traffic coming towards you.

Should you drive long distances if you are feeling tired?

CYes, have some coffee and you should be fine

Take a nap before driving if you are feeling tired. Remember to take many breaks during long trips to avoid fatigue.

In which order should the cars proceed?


Car B should proceed first since both Car A and Car C are facing STOP signs.

Car C should proceed second as Car A is turning across the path of Car C.

What does this blue light mean?

AThat your parking light is on
BThat your headlights are on low beam
That your headlights are on high beam
DThat your brake lights are not working properly

The high-beam light is very bright, so make sure that you remember to dip to low beam when necessary.

You have two high-quality tyres and two average/worn tyres. Where should you fit your high-quality tyres?

AOne on the front axle and one on the rear axle
BOn the front axle
On the rear axle

It’s advisable (for most vehicles) to fit new/higher quality tyres to the rear axle for vehicle handling and safety.

To whom must car B give way?

ACar A
BCar C
CBoth car A and C
Neither car A nor C

Car A and C are facing STOP signs and must give way to all other traffic in or approaching the intersection.

Can long/large vehicles need more than one lane when turning?


Long vehicles may need to use more than one lane when turning left or right. Remember that some trucks may need to use the right-hand lane to turn left

Are you allowed to overtake this fox when it's turning?

ANo, because it's carrying a flammable load
No, because it has a ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ sign
CYes, you can always pass the fox

Large vehicles with a ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ sign may need more than one lane when turning. You must not overtake a vehicle carrying this sign if said vehicle is signalling a turn, unless safe to do so.

You’re thinking about buying a vehicle that has seats for 11 passengers. Are you allowed to drive the vehicle with a C (car) licence?

ANo, you’re only allowed to drive vehicles that carry up to 9 passengers
BNo, you’re only allowed to drive vehicles that carry up to 10 passengers
Yes, you’re allowed to drive vehicles that carry up to 11 passengers
DYes, you’re allowed to drive vehicles that carry up to 12 passengers

With a car licence, you're allowed to drive vehicles that can carry up to 12 people, including yourself (the driver). The GVM of the vehicle must, however, not exceed 4500 kg.

Which statement is true regarding right turns on divided roads?

AYou have the right-of-way when turning from a break in the central dividing part
BYou’re never allowed to turn right on a divided road
Place your car in the central dividing part and wait for a safe gap in traffic

When turning on a divided road, you must be patient and wait for a suitable and safe gap in oncoming traffic. Proceed only when safe.

When are you allowed to cross double continuous dividing lines?

To make a U-turn or to enter/leave a road
BWhen you are overtaking another vehicle

You aren't allowed to cross double dividing continuous lines unless turning right at an intersection, entering/leaving a road or making a U-turn, and only if safe.

Is a provisional driver legally allowed to instruct a learner driver?

AYes, but only during daytime
BOnly drivers with green P’s are allowed to

Provisional drivers are NOT experienced enough to instruct a learner driver.

To supervise, you must have an open licence and be authorised to supervise.

By looking at this picture, you can tell that:

Car A is at a STOP line, and car B is at a Give Way line
BCar B is at a STOP line, and car A is at a Give Way line

A broken line crossing a lane is a Give Way line. 

A continuous line crossing a lane is a STOP line.

Which car must give way?

ACar A
BCar B
Neither car A nor B

The cars can pass in front of each other in this situation. Therefore, neither car has to give way to the other.

You’re driving behind a large vehicle with a ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ sign. Should you overtake the vehicle if it’s indicating to turn left at an intersection?


Large vehicles with a 'DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE' sign may need more than one lane when turning.

You must not overtake a vehicle carrying this sign if said vehicle is signalling a left or right turn, unless it's safe to do so.

You're driving on a road with double dividing lines, with the broken line close to you. Which statement is correct?

AMaking a U-turn is prohibited
Making a U-turn is permitted

On roads with double dividing lines with the broken line closer to you, you're allowed to cross to enter/leave a road, make a U-turn or overtake.

Which of the following increases the risk of aquaplaning?

ADriving slowly
Driving with worn tyres
CDriving on newly laid asphalt
DCarrying many passengers

The tread depth is worn along with the tyre, and less tread depth increases the risk of aquaplaning.

This sign means:

ASchool zone ahead. Drive with caution and don’t exceed 60 km/h
School zone ending. Drive with caution and don’t exceed 60 km/h
CSchool zone ending. Drive with caution, but not less than 60 km/h
DThe school zone ends in 60 m

The sign tells you that you are leaving a school zone, and that the new speed limit is 60 km/h.

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