South Australia 2022 Drivers Ed course

This course contains a summarised course Handbook and all the Questions you need to ace the exam.

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I got the app just 2 days before my test with no study and all I did was get through half the tests on it and multiple practice tests on the offical NSW website and read the book and I passed with flying colours no wrong answers what so ever seriously the best app for this kinda thing, and for you to get the best out of the app you need the premium subscription however I just used the free trial for 2 days and I was just fine, seriously good job

Clumsy Pal

Great!!! Is an amazing start if youre 15 and want a slow and steady introduction into road rules!! I love it and 100% recommend it!!


very good app except to do a lesson you need to watch an ad, but hey- they gotta make money somehow!


I’ve had a really good experience so far however on the speed section it says that there is no maximum speed for learner drivers which is incorrect, the maximum speed a learner driver is ever allowed to go is 100kmph.

Zoom 8

Although I had completed the learner’s test required in my state, I felt uneasy with how much I truely knew about driving—I found it hard to believe that by simply passing 30 questions, I was now permitted to drive. So despite already receiving my learner’s, I downloaded Zutobi. Now, I wish I could say that I bought the subscription and had immediate access to Zutobi’s amazing premium features, however, financially, I personally made the decision to not buy it. Sure, without the subscription you need to wait 24 hours each time before accessing two more lessons, but Zutobi’s facilities are worth waiting for. Considering the quality of their chapters and questions, I have to thank them for making their product offerings free... not like a “the first few chapters are free then you have to pay” sort of thing... (something we are all familiar with when searching for a driving app). Worth your time and/or money if you’d like to buy the subscription. Thank you so much

caitlyn hart

I feel so much more confident to drive now that i’ve used this app.

the shadow lord 2008

I would definitely recommend this app it helped me so much with passing my drivers test. I would only pay for the week subscription then cancel it so you only pay on the the weeks you are going to use it. Don’t rely just on this also take the online practice tests multiple times.


I absolutely love this app!!!! I have already learned a lot and it is very well put and it is all so practical. I do not recommend any other driving apps!! THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!! This app is great for beginners and if you want to refresh your knowledge of the road. And the staff are amazing and in particular Joel, very friendly and definitely very helpful. They are eager to make sure you have the easiest ride to getting your license and I am definitely confident with using this app. Thank you so much guys have a great week 😊


Works wonders!!! I aced my test and I am shocked how easy it was. I have trouble focus and this kept me engaged and I remembered everything. I am recommending this to all my friends. I wish I could give more than 5 stars

Ace your learners test, guaranteed