South Australia 2023 Drivers Ed course

This course contains a summarised course Handbook and all the Questions you need to ace the exam.

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road crossing


Choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 random questions

road crossing

Road Signs

Choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 road sign questions

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Questions you have answered incorrectly in the chapter tests

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Questions that you have marked as saved

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Exam simulator

Take a timed test. Designed to mimic the real test

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Module test

Test your knowledge on a specific module

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Final test

The final test covers all of the modules, and is the ultimate test of your knowledge

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8 Jul 2023


I've used this app for two months. I managed to take my written driver's test and PASSED There were some questions this app doesn't cover but it was mostly common sense questions. If you've been nervous to test I recommend budgeting so you can have access to the app bundle.

29 Jun 2023


I definitely recommend this app especially if you have a hard time reading and grasping Information then this app is perfect. I PASSED my written test after using this app. Yes you have to pay but in my opinion I think its worth it.

14 Aug 2023

Mc Knockdown

Easy to use while giving descriptful and helpful descriptions helping me ace m6 permit with a 18/18

4 Sep 2023


would be nice if could turn in tests optional electronically to a local DMV services, site or email address or app


Helpful app

Ranjit Singh ckfjf



Really helpful and insightful app to use for learners permit preparation.


I got the app just 2 days before my test with no study and all I did was get through half the tests on it and multiple practice tests on the offical NSW website and read the book and I passed with flying colours no wrong answers what so ever seriously the best app for this kinda thing, and for you to get the best out of the app you need the premium subscription however I just used the free trial for 2 days and I was just fine, seriously good job

Clumsy Pal

Great!!! Is an amazing start if youre 15 and want a slow and steady introduction into road rules!! I love it and 100% recommend it!!