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Probationary Licence (P1 & P2) in Victoria – What You Must Know

by Zutobi · Updated Sep 30, 2021

In Victoria, you will receive a probationary P1 or P2 licence after you have trained on a learner licence and passed the practical driving test.

In this article, we’ll go through:

  • How Age Affects Your Progress
  • Probationary Licence Restrictions
  • Probationary Prohibited Vehicles (PPV)
  • Receiving Your Full Licence

How Age Affects Your Progress

First of all – you will progress through the licensing system differently depending on your age when applying for a probationary licence.

  • If you are younger than 21, you will begin on a P1 probationary licence for a minimum of 1 year. A good driving record will let you progress to the P2 licence.
  • If you are 21 years or over, you can go straight from a learner’s permit to a P2 licence.

You can progress to a full licence after holding a P2 licence for 3 years, given a good driving record.

Probationary Licence Restrictions

Restrictions for a probationary (P1 and P2) licence holders:

  • P plates must be clearly displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle (visible from 20m)
  • The probationary licence must be carried while driving
  • Drive only an automatic if you passed the drive test driving an automatic
  • The BAC limit is 0
  • You must only drive a car (e.g. not allowed to drive a truck or bus)
  • You must not use a mobile phone of any kind, including hands-free
  • The demerit point limit is 5 for every 12 months (stricter than for full licence holders

Additional restrictions for P1 licence holder (doesn’t apply to P2!):

  • You are not allowed to tow a trailer or a caravan. However, there are exemptions, e.g. work-related
  • You are not allowed to carry more than a single passenger aged between 16 and 22. Exemptions exist for immediate family members, for driving an emergency vehicle or when with a fully licenced supervising driver

A P1/P2 licence holder must also obey all rules that apply to all drivers. Given a good driving record, a P1 licence holder can progress to a P2 licence and a P2 licence holder can progress to a full licence after the required holding period. Otherwise, you may have to remain on your P1/P2 licence for an extended period.

Probationary Prohibited Vehicles (PPV)

A P1 or P2 licence holder may not drive a PPV.

PPV include vehicles:

  • with modified engines to increase performance
  • that have a power-to-mass ratio greater than 130 kW per tonne (manufactured 2010 or later)
  • with engines having 8 or more cylinders (manufactured 2009 or earlier)
  • with engines that are turbo- or supercharged (manufactured 2009 or earlier). Diesels are exempt.
  • with 6 cylinder engines that are nominated by VicRoads

If you are unsure if your vehicle falls under this category – look it up before driving! You can apply for an exemption from VicRoads to drive a PPV.

Receiving your full licence

After you have held the P2 licence for a period of 3 years, you can apply for a full licence.

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