Massachusetts Permit Test

Massachusetts Permit Test Study Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 06, 2022

Getting your Massachusetts learner’s permit is an exciting milestone in life! The biggest hurdle is the written exam- a test to gauge your knowledge of driving laws and road safety.

It does not have to be a difficult process though. Review this study guide, study the MA driver’s manual, and take well-designed practice tests to be well on your way towards passing your permit test on the first try!

How Does the MA Written Test Work?

The written exam is taken at the RMV on a computer screen. It contains 25 questions, and you need to get 18 questions right to pass.

The written exam will focus on Massachusetts Driving laws, rules of the road, safe driving practices, knowledge of road signs, and more. In general, it will focus on what you need to be familiar with before you drive on a public road.

What Should You Study?

A good Massachusetts permit test study guide is the RMV Driver’s Handbook. It’s written by the lawmakers that create the test!

Of course, there are better versions of the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual out there. Our Summarized Manual contains all you need, but it is much easier to study with!

Some important focal points in the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual:

  • Chapter 3: Safety First
  • Chapter 4: Rules of the Road
  • Chapter 5: Special Driving Situations
  • Traffic Signs
  • Lane Markings
  • Intersections and Turns
  • Anything that specifically mentions permit driving- like the special restrictions on the permit license.
  • Everything from the Junior Operator License Law Section
  • The Junior Operator Suspension Chart
  • Alcohol Restrictions and DUI penalties

Our Top Study Tips for Success

  1. Active Learning Is Key. According to studies by the Association for Psychological Science, passively reading your RMV manual over and over is NOT enough to memorize the information. You need active learning methods!
  2. Don’t Cram! Cramming only works on your short term memory. Worse, you won’t know what your short-term memory dumped until the test is in front of you! Instead, plan to study specific sections over several weeks rather than 1-2 days before the exam.
  3. Give Yourself Time to Feel Confident. Know the test format, and take lots of practice tests to become comfortable with the process. Those nervous butterflies can hinder your test performance.
  4. Hydrate. Even a little dehydration can affect how well you store or remember study materials. Make sure to hydrate when you study and before the test.

Pass Your Permit Test the First Try With Our Study Guide

Zutobi is designed with YOUR success in mind. In fact, we design our courses with modern learning methods to make it much easier and faster to learn the rules of the road!

  • A No-Nonsense Summarized MA RMV Handbook. No text walls or endless page-turning. Every topic is tabbed for easy access and divided into digestible sections.
  • More Learning Aides. We add lots more images, diagrams, and illustrations to help you learn everything you need to know!
  • Practice Tests. Get familiar with the test ahead of time. Our educational experts craft tests to be very similar to the real thing!
  • Monitor Your Progress. Our program helps you monitor your progress! Master every topic in the RMV manual to level up, earn badges, and narrow your studies to your trouble zones.

You can do it! The permit test is relatively straightforward. We hope this Massachusetts permit test study guide has helped you – we look forward to seeing you on the road!

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