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Essential Parking & Stopping Signs

Chapter 21

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When about to park, look for parking signs as they tell you if, where and how long you can park, and what the restrictions are (e.g. only allowed during certain hours or for specific vehicle types). Parking signs also tell you if you have to pay. 

Don’t park for longer than indicated by a sign.

Signs that permit parking

lesson imageA general parking sign

General parking signs can have arrows that indicate the direction and stretch of road the sign applies to. A sign with a ‘P’ by itself means parking is allowed without a time limit. 

lesson imageParking sign with parking limits

Parking limits apply during the period shown on the sign. This sign indicates you are allowed to park for 20 minutes between 8am - 7pm Monday to Saturday. It also states that you must not return to that same space within 40 minutes after vacating. At any time outside of the specified periods, parking is allowed with no time restrictions.

Signs that prohibit parking

There are many signs that prohibit parking and/or stopping. Some signs have hours of operations, meaning that the restrictions apply during signed hours only.

lesson imageNo stopping during period indicated except for buses


lesson imageNo stopping during times shown except for as long as necessary to set down or pick up passengers

lesson imageNo waiting

lesson imageNo stopping (Clearway)

lesson imageEntrance to controlled parking zone

lesson imageParking restricted to permit holders

Disability parking

lesson imageA Blue Badge parking sign

A parking permit for disabled persons is referred to as a Blue Badge. Parking spots have been set aside to allow disabled persons easy access to certain places (e.g. shops, libraries). Do not park there without a valid Blue Badge permit.