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Why use Zutobi?

Getting your UK driving licence is simple with Zutobi. We offer courses and revision questions for car, motorcycle, LGV/PCV, and ADI.
All our revision questions are licensed by DVSA.

Is Zutobi available on web and mobile?

Yes! Our online UK driving theory courses are available at all times on the web or in our mobile iOS or Android apps. You can switch seamlessly between web and mobile to study at any time, anywhere.

How does the course work?

Zutobi’s popular course works by combining the Highway Code with DVSA revision questions – and placing them in bite-sized chapters that are easy to read. This means you will fully understand the topic before you move on.

If you are getting a driving license for car:

• We have summarised each chapter from the Highway Code and added pictures, illustrations and tips to help you understand each situation.
• At the end of each chapter, you can answer DVSA revision questions about the chapter.

If you only want to study using DVSA revision questions, you can easily study using only our exam-like questions. Practise as much as you want until you feel confident you’ll ace the actual test.

What does the summarised Highway Code contain?

Our summarised Highway Code contains everything driving-related in the official Highway Code, but we have added hundreds of pictures and illustrations to make it much easier understand the traffic laws. We have also added information about defensive driving techniques, eco-driving, parking tips, and much more.

The summarised Highway Code is only available in the driving theory course for car.

Are the revision questions licensed by DVSA?

Yes! Our mock tests are licensed by DVSA so you always get updated questions that are as close to the real questions as is possible.

All courses (car / motorcycle / lgv-pcv / adi) use questions licensed directly by DVSA.

How many DVSA revision questions are in each course?

The UK car course contains 755 DVSA revision questions; the UK LGV/PCV course contains 995 DVSA revision questions; and the UK motorcycle course contains 425 DVSA revision questions.

Why trust Zutobi?

Trust the tens of thousands of UK drivers that have taken our popular driving theory course to date.

You can be confident that the course material is top notch. Zutobi’s driver’s education courses are based on DVSA revision questions and material from the Highway Code, but will also cover safe driving practices, eco-driving, defensive driving, and other essential driving information / tips.