Illinois Rules of the Road Handbook

Illinois Rules of the Road Handbook

by Zutobi · Updated Mar 18, 2021

The Illinois Rules of the Road Handbook provides drivers with a comprehensive guidebook to traveling throughout the state. It is available for free at your local DMV or online through the website of the Secretary of State.

While it is quite long, the Rules of the Road Handbook is a great resource for all Illinois drivers.

What Is It About?

The Rules of the Road book covers things you need to know about operating a motor vehicle in the state of Illinois. In the text, you’ll find information about how to get a license, penalties for common driving violations, amongst a number of other important facts. The handbook is only valid in Illinois and much of the information within it will not always translate to other states.

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How Is the Rules of the Road Handbook Structured?

Structure is important for a large handbook such as this one. Luckily, the state has done a decent job of presenting information in a way that is digestible.

The handbook starts by covering basic instructions and requirements for getting a driver’s license in the state of Illinois and ends with information on how to legally own a vehicle within the states. The chapters in between cover traffic laws, road signs, rules of the road, and more.

Why Is It Important?

The Illinois Rules of the Road handbook is a useful resource for anyone learning how to drive or simply brushing up on some of their knowledge. When starting your driver’s license application process, it is recommended that you pick up a handbook and study it often in order to learn core driving concepts. It will drastically help you when preparing to take both the written and behind the wheel driving test.

The Rules of the Road handbook is valuable to all active drivers in the state of Illinois. Students drivers especially will benefit from the vast amount of information available within the text.

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