LGV-PCV 2024 Drivers Ed course

This course contains a summarised Highway Code and all the official DVSA Questions you need to ace the exam.

road crossing
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10 Nov 2023

Jasen Nelson-Joyce

Before I decided to download this I couldn't pass the permit test to save my life and now I passed! thanks to this but how ever the only downside is that you have to pay to actually use the app but it's not an outrageous price it's fairly reasonable. Definitely will recommend!!!

14 Jul 2020


This is exactly what i was looking for. Something very visual for a visual learner like me. And easy for someone dumb like me. And completely free minus ads. For someone broke like me. The only real problem i have with this app is sometimes the quizes after the text have material that isnt gone over in the text. For instance, road markings 2 only talks about center turn lanes, but the first question i get are about some diamond signal.I recommend this app to anyone needing to learn

6 Dec 2023

New_Wave Cornell

just turned 15 and this app helps me practice so much can get my permit and license.

9 Dec 2023

Emick Louis-Jacques

The rules are very well explained and illustrated!


I’ve just started using this app and I’m loving it! I love how everything is explained with simple terminology and with pictures for the visual learners like me! Also having a quiz for each topic is even more helpful to learn what you just read about.


Passed first time by using this app recommend!



modesty ox

It’s the best and it enlightening someone more on Hazards and preventions to it on the road.


its a great app, as someone who hates learning in any way, this really makes me WANT to revise for my theory test and it makes it fun, although it would be better if you could do more with the free version without any payments