Motorcycle 2022 Drivers Ed course

This course contains a summarised Highway Code and all the official DVSA Questions you need to ace the exam.

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7 May 2022

Emina Sweatler

This app is easier to study on than reading the whole manual without questions between each chapter to test if you understand. It also helps with understanding split second decisions that could end up saving a life on the road.

10 May 2022

Jesus Flores

Very awesome school driving class practicing app. I did pass the test by setting up in your private lessons to study yourself every day. so👍Now you can!!.

1 Apr 2022

Aaron L

so easy to rember with the amazing visuals jt provides. for me I hate reading and im stupid so when it's has animated pictures it makes it sooooo much easier. thank God for this app or I wouldn't never try to get my license.

14 Jul 2020


This is exactly what i was looking for. Something very visual for a visual learner like me. And easy for someone dumb like me. And completely free minus ads. For someone broke like me. The only real problem i have with this app is sometimes the quizes after the text have material that isnt gone over in the text. For instance, road markings 2 only talks about center turn lanes, but the first question i get are about some diamond signal.I recommend this app to anyone needing to learn


Very helpful!


Really good app thxxxx


Passed my car theory of having app downloaded and using it for 2days


passed first time as a plus user :) thank you!


Excellent opportunity to learn and training before exam.🚙🚗🚕

Ace your theory test, guaranteed