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How to Get Your Florida Driver’s License in 2021: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Your Florida Driver’s License in 2021: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jan 19, 2021

If you’re eagerly looking to start driving, you’re in luck! Obtaining your Florida driver’s license is a simple process if you know what to do.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully get your driver’s license in Florida. If you follow it correctly, you’ll be on your way to receiving full privileges to drive legally!

  1. Complete a TLSAE or DATA course
  2. Apply for your Florida learner’s license
  3. Complete vision and hearing tests
  4. Prepare for the permit test
  5. Pass the learner’s permit exam
  6. Head to your local DHSMV service center for your permit
  7. Prepare for the road test
  8. Take and pass the road test
  9. Get your Florida driver’s license

Complete a TLSAE or DATA Course  

Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education and Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness courses are offered in most Florida public schools, as well as from several third-party providers throughout the state. 

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will need to verify your completion of the course before allowing you to proceed further in the driver’s license application process. Your registered course provider is responsible for submitting your information directly to the DHSMV. Ensure this documentation has been delivered and received to avoid any headaches at the DHSMV center.

Apply for Your Florida Learner’s License 

Once you have completed a TLSAE or DATA course, you will need to pay a visit to your local DHSMV center. There are a few documents you must present to successfully apply for a learner’s license in the state of Florida:

  • Proof of identity, including your full name
  • Proof US citizenship and/or legal presence
  • Proof of Social Security number (or ineligibility, if not a US citizen)
  • Proof of birthdate
  • Proof of address in the state of Florida

Complete Vision and Hearing Tests 

As part of your application process for a learner’s permit, you will be required to pass a vision and writing test administered by the DHSMV. If you cannot hear and respond to a conversational tone of voice, you will be required to wear a hearing aid while driving. Additionally, if vision is determined to be under 20/40, you may not be able to receive your license. However, color blindness will not be a hindrance.

Prepare for the Florida Learner’s Permit Test

How to get a Florida driver's license

The permit test is a knowledge exam designed to test your understanding of road rules and best practices. The Florida driver’s handbook is a great place to start, as it contains everything, you’ll need to know for both the permit test, as well as the road exam later on. However, studying solely from a textbook can get mundane and uninspiring quickly

That’s where Zutobi comes in handy! Learn at your own pace and track your progress along the way. Simply put, a gamified experience that helps make learning Florida rules of the road as fun as it can be!

You can also test your knowledge today using our free practice test. See how you would score on the real test!

Take the Permit Exam

After utilizing Zutobi to study, you should be more than prepared to sit for the permit exam. You can take this test at your local DHSMV or simply register online with one of the official exam providers.

Head to Your Local DHSMV Service Center for Your Permit

How to get a Florida driver's license

Receiving your Florida learner’s permit is arguably the first major milestone in the driver’s license process. With your permit, you will be able to operate a motor vehicle under certain guidelines. The DHSMV may also randomly select you to retake your permit test in person, so it is a good idea to brush up on basic driving knowledge concepts before heading to pick it up.

Restrictions if You’re Under 18

If you are under the age of 18, the following restrictions apply: 

  • Hold learner’s permit for twelve consecutive months, or until you turn 18 (whichever comes first)
  • No traffic violations within the twelve months you hold your learner’s permit. If you gather a single violation, it will not count if you take the Basic Driver Improvement Course.
  • You must accumulate a total of 50 hours worth of driving experience, including 10 hours of nighttime driving. A parent or legal guardian will have to sign off on your form attesting to your driving experience.

Prepare for the Road Test

You will be required to drive with your learner’s permit for a year with no traffic convictions before being allowed to sit for the road test. This time is perfect for practicing maneuvers and general road safety in real-life situations. 

Be sure to start practicing early and often to ensure you’re fully prepared for the road test when the time comes. Practicing with a licensed driver of at least five years will help you master core driving concepts and touch upon areas that may need improvement. 

Take and Pass the Road Test 

When you feel comfortable, you will need to schedule, take, and pass the road test. This test can be nerve-wracking for many students, but if you have accumulated your 50 hours of supervised driving, you should do just fine. Below are some of the maneuvers you’ll be tested on during the exam.

  • Staying within the proper lane
  • Keeping a safe following distance
  • Stopping quickly
  • Reversing your vehicle
  • Signaling and turning
  • Approaching a crosswalk
  • Following at a safe distance
  • Performing a three-point turn

Read our complete Florida road test guide here.

Get Your Florida Driver’s License

Congratulations, you’ve passed your exams! Your road test administrator will direct you back into the service center to provide additional documentation, as well as pay the necessary fees associated with receiving your driver’s license. You will need: 

·       Proof of identity

·       Proof of address (two forms)

·       Proof of social security number

·       $48 driver’s license fee 

Additionally, if you are under the age of 18, you will need to provide:

  • Parental Consent Form
  • Parent Proctoring Form
  • Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form

After verifying all of your documentation, your DHSMV staff member will proceed to print you a temporary paper copy of your driver’s license. Your permanent physical copy will arrive in your mailbox within five to ten business days.

That’s it! You now have a Florida driver’s license. This will allow you to get a new job, go to school, or visit friends and family without using public transportation or having to hitch a ride.

However, you truly never stop learning as a driver, and there are some rules you’ll always seem to forget. Be sure to reference the Zutobi Florida Driver’s Ed Course and practice tests to brush up on your driving skills as time progresses.

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