Florida DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2024

There are 25 questions on the Florida DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official FL MC test.

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Belt or chain slippage or breakage can be avoided by:

Belt or chain slippage or breakage can lock your rear wheel and cause your motorcycle to skid. If your belt breaks, you will notice an instant loss of power to the rear wheel. If your belt or chain slips, you should tighten the belt/chain or replace it before riding again.

You’re about to enter the freeway. Which statement is true?

It’s dangerous to drive or ride much slower than the traffic flow on a freeway. If you do, drivers behind you may be forced to brake or swerve to avoid crashing into you. For that reason, you should ride at about the same speed as the freeway traffic when reaching the end of the acceleration lane. Remember to merge with care - don’t try to squeeze your motorcycle into a tiny gap.

Which brake(s) should you use when riding on slippery surfaces?

In slippery conditions, always use both brakes. While neither brake will be as effective, you can use both brakes for maximum braking pressure. The front brake is still more effective than the rear brake, even on slippery surfaces.

You’re riding in the mountains. Which statement is true?

The climate is likely to be much colder in the mountains due to the higher altitude. Warning signs are placed on many roads that tend to freeze a lot, but not on all of them. Remember that the roads may be icy even during summer... so make sure to look for spots of ice on the road ahead!

While stopped, you should remain in:

Remain in 1st gear when you are stopped so you can quickly move out quickly if needed.

Motorcyclists often refer to _____ as the 'lifesaver'?

By doing a final shoulder check before changing direction, you will be aware of what's happening behind and alongside you. Time the shoulder check so you have time to postpone the maneuver if it isn't safe.

What helmet must child passenger use?

Children must wear a full-faced U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet. Do not use a half-shell, three-quarters or modular helmet on children. Make sure the helmet is fitted properly so it does not come off in an accident.

Which brake(s) should be used when making a non-emergency stop (a normal stop) with a motorcycle?

Use both brakes and downshift when making a normal, non-emergency stop.

In normal turns, the motorcycle and the rider should lean:

In normal turns, the motorcycle and rider should lean together at the same angle. In slow tight turns, the motorcycle should lean but the rider should remain straight.

Before passing another vehicle:

Passing is a complicated maneuver requiring both skill and experience. Before passing, look ahead for oncoming vehicles, the road conditions (e.g. cracks or potholes), and estimate if you can complete the maneuver safely. If safe - signal, check the blind spot and begin with the maneuver.

Passing is ____ across a broken yellow center line.

Yellow center lines separate traffic traveling in opposite directions. You’re permitted to pass across broken yellow lines if you can safely do so.

You’re driving in wet conditions. What should you do?

Driving in wet conditions is challenging. You will see less, have increased stopping distances, and have a harder time controlling your motorcycle. Driving at high speeds on wet roads, especially in combination with under-inflated tires or tires with poor tread depth, also increases the chance of hydroplaning - so slow down when there is water on the road.

You have recently changed your motorcycle battery. How should you get rid of the battery?

Batteries must be disposed of safely as they contain acid that can be harmful to the environment. Take your used battery to an appropriate disposal site.

Fit is important when you select a motorcycle to drive. Your feet should:

For you to be a safe rider, you need a motorcycle that fits you. In terms of the height of the motorcycle, make sure your feet can comfortably reach the ground while you are seated.

Which of the following is FALSE?

Blind spots are especially dangerous for motorcycles due to their smaller form factor. If you are in another drivers blind spot, they may not spot you as they do their shoulder check and may change lanes without warning. Never drive in the blind spot of others if you can avoid it - speed up or drop back.

Which brake provides the most stopping power?

The front brake provides more stopping power than the rear brake. It stands for about 75% of your total stopping power. Be careful so you don't grab at the front brake and cause your brakes to lock.

What should you do if you are braking and the front wheel locks up?

If you front wheel locks while braking, you should immediately release the front brake and re-apply the brake when the lock is removed. Don't let go of the rear brake.

What does it mean to ‘over drive’ your headlights?

To ‘over drive’ your headlights means that you won’t be able to stop within the area lighted up by your headlights. This is a problem for all drivers, but motorcyclists may be more susceptible to objects on the road etc.

For example, if you’re driving faster than 25 mph with low-beam headlights at night, it may be too late to stop without hitting an object by the time you see it.

You should get into the habit of handling each curve:

All curves are different - some curves may remain constant, some may gradually widen or get tighter, and others may combine multiple curves. Do not treat each curve the same. Instead, ride within your skill leven and change your lane position based on the shape of the curve in combination with the road and traffic conditions.

Why is it vital to secure any load with elastic cords?

Elastic cords are a great way to keep your loads tight to prevent loads from becoming loose or catching in the wheel or chain. However, elastic cords must be checked during the trip. Stop frequently to make sure nothing has moved or worked loose.

Is the Florida Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

Not if you are fully prepared for it, and at Zutobi, fully preparing you is our top priority. Our bite-sized pieces of information are paired with useful visuals that are specially designed to be easy to learn and easy to remember. With these lessons, you can be confident you’ve learned test-relevant information that’s easy to recall.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Florida?

Once you’ve taken and passed your permit test, here is how to go about getting your motorcycle license:

  • You have two options in terms of a motorcycle license in Florida: a motorcycle endorsement on your current, valid Florida driver’s license; or a motorcycle-only license.
  • In order to receive a motorcycle endorsement, you will need to complete the Basic Rider Course and receive proof of completion.
  • Once you have your certificate, you have a one-year grace period to add the endorsement to your Class E driver’s license.
  • To receive a motorcycle-only license, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18, you will need to hold your motorcycle learner’s license for one year without traffic violations.
  • You will also need to take and complete the Basic Rider Course in order to receive your license. You can bring your completion certificate to any DMV to receive your license.

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