North Dakota Driver's License Renewal

North Dakota Driver’s License Renewal Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jul 02, 2021

Is it time for your North Dakota driver’s license renewal? In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know.

When Do I Need to Renew My North Dakota Driver’s License?

In North Dakota, your driver’s license expires every four years, and it is no longer valid at midnight of your birthday.

You can choose to renew your license as early as ten months before the expiration date. If you renew after, you will need to pay a late fee. If your license has expired for more than a year, you have to take the written and driving test again.

What is the Grace Period for an Expired Driver’s License?

North Dakota does not have a grace period for expired driver’s licenses. Your license is no longer valid starting at midnight on your birthday. If you are caught driving with an invalid license after that, you will be charged with a moving violation. At the time of writing, this will cost you:

  • $20 per violation
  • 4 demerit points on your record per violation
  • Suspension or revocation of your license if you accumulate enough demerits.

How to Renew a North Dakota Driver’s License

The NDDOT allows you to renew your license either online or in person, we will go through the requirements and processes below.

How to Renew Online

Online renewals can only be done if you satisfy certain requirements, so make sure that you read through the list below.

  • Your license is current, or expired no more than one year. You will not be able to take knowledge or road tests online
  • You renewed in person last time
  • You are under 65 years of age
  • All your information is still the same
  • You do not need to upgrade to a REAL-ID

If all of the above are true, then you can renew your North Dakota driver’s license online at the official NDDOT page. You will log in, verify all the information is correct, and pay the required fees. If you have restrictions 1, 2, or 5 on your driver’s license, you must also provide a scanned attachment of the Vision Screening Results form, and it must have been completed within six months of your renewal application.

Your license will arrive at your residential address on file. Make sure to allow 10 days for processing and shipping.

How to Renew in Person

To renew in person, you will need to make an appointment. NDDOT locations do not allow walk-in services.

  1. Find a Driver’s License Site near you.
  2. Use this handy tool to make an appointment to renew your license. A confirmation number will be emailed to you after you’ve gone through the steps. Make sure that you bring this number to your NDDOT office.
  3. Bring your glasses if you need corrective lenses while driving.
  4. If your license has expired for a year or more, prepare to take the written and driving exam.
  5. When you get to your appointment, turn over your confirmation number and current license.
  6. Pass your vision test
  7. Pass the written and driving test, if applicable
  8. Pay the required fees.
  9. You will receive a temporary paper license, and your license will be mailed to your residential address.

North Dakota Driver’s License Renewal Fees

It will cost $15 to renew your license in North Dakota. If you need to take the written and driving exams, you will be charged another $5 per test. Note that the fees may be subject to change, so make sure to check the latest fees at the NDDOT page.

Do I Need a REAL-ID in North Dakota?

Starting May 3, 2023, a standard driver’s license will not qualify as your federal ID. The date used to be Oct 1, 2021, however, DHS announced another extension on April 27, 2021. You will need a REAL-ID, a valid passport, or some other form of federally accepted id to board a plane or enter military bases or certain government facilities.

That’s It

That’s everything you need to know about renewing your driver’s license in North Dakota, make sure to do so well before your license expires to avoid unnecessary complications. If you need help studying for renewal exams, then Zutobi is the perfect study resource with state-of-the-art refresher exams.

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