A2 motorcycle licence

A2 Motorcycle Licence: A Complete 2024 Guide

by Zutobi · Updated Jun 30, 2022

What is an A2 License?

An A2 Motorbike Licence is for riding a full restricted motorcycle for all persons between 19 and 24 years old. The restricted part refers to how A2 Licence holders must restrict their engine power to be within 20-35kW.

If you are at least 24 years old, you can skip the A2 Licence and go straight to an unrestricted full licence – all the tests are the same but you need to use the more powerful bike.

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What Are the Restrictions?

An A2 bike is restricted to a maximum power output of 35 kW. During the test, you also need to use a motorcycle with at least 395cc.

The best way to practice for the test and real-life situations is to use the same bike while training as during the test. You can then get to know the bike and understand how it behaves.

How to Get an A2 Motorcycle Licence

There are a number of tasks you need to complete before you can get your motorcycle licence, among them a number of theory and practical tests. To qualify for an A2 Licence, you need to:

  • Be at least 19 years old.
  • Have completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) or held an A1 Licence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Pass the DVSA Motorcycle Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test.
  • Pass two practical driving tests – Module 1 and 2 – that assess your riding skills.

If you have a less powerful motorcycle that you want to drive at a younger age, you may want to consider the A1 Licence (light motorcycle).

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting an A2 Bike Licence can be very costly. You can categorise the costs into two parts:

  1. The costs of tests
  2. The costs of training

The tests are quite cheap, but learning to drive a motorcycle is the expensive part as you will need to complete supervised riding training before taking the practical tests.

The Costs of Tests

  • £23 for the DVSA Motorcycle Theory Test
  • $15,50 for Module 1 Test
  • £75-88,50 for Module 2 Test (weekday vs weekend cost)

The Costs of Training

  • £125 to complete CBT
  • £1000+ for motorcycle training (depends on your skill level)

What Happens After the A2 Tests?

You will receive your A2 bike licence shortly after you have passed your tests. You can now ride an A2 legal bike without L-plates and take pillion passengers.Your A2 Licence can be upgraded to an unrestricted full licence after having held it for two years. You just need to retake Module 1 and Module 2 tests on a motorbike that is at least 595cc.

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