Connecticut Motorcycle Permit Practice Test (2022)

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If you’re an aspiring motorcyclist wondering, “How can I get my motorcycle permit in Connecticut?” we suggest a different study tool other than the motorcycle manual. One that is more engaging, fun, motivating, and an overall more productive use of your time.
Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Zutobi, an online learning platform dedicated to helping new drivers, be it car or motorcycle, pass their permit tests. We have gamified driver’s ed, and with our unique approach, the process of learning to ride a motorcycle is interactive and more fun than staring blankly at the pages of a handbook.

Zutobi Can Help You Pass Your Motorcycle Permit Test

Here are ways Zutobi can help you earn a passing score on your motorcycle permit test.

  • Our different learning levels will keep you motivated and engaged as you earn points and level-up.
  • Our state-specific motorcycle practice tests simulate the real written exam so there are no surprises on test day.
  • All the answers, along with explanations, are provided for our practice questions so you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Our easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember material teaches you everything you need to know in order to keep you safe on the roads and help you pass your permit test in one try.

Is the Connecticut Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

Like any test, that depends on how you prepare for it. Zutobi’s material is specially designed to be easy to learn. With bite-sized pieces of information broken up by useful visuals, each lesson is easy to understand and, ultimately, easy to remember.

How Many Questions Are on the 2022 Motorcycle Permit Test in Connecticut?

There are 16 multiple choice questions on the motorcycle permit test, and you must get 12 (75%) correct answers to pass. Zutobi’s motorcycle practice tests use questions from past and current Connecticut permit tests so you’ll be prepared for any question they throw at you.

How Do I Get My Motorcycle License in Connecticut?

Once you have passed the motorcycle permit test and vision test you will receive your Connecticut motorcycle permit. Here are your next steps to receive your motorcycle license:

  • You must already have a valid Connecticut driver’s license, meaning you must be at least 16 years old to apply for a motorcycle endorsement.
  • If you are under 18, you will need to provide a notarized Certificate of Parental Consent.
  • In order to receive a motorcycle endorsement (M) on your license, you will need to pass a novice motorcycle training course that is approved by the Connecticut DMV.
  • Once you have your license, there are specific rules based on age that you must follow. If you’re 18 or older you cannot transport passengers within the first 90 days of having your license. If you’re 16-17, you must wait 6 months before transporting passengers.
  • You can also apply for a M3 endorsement which allows you to operate three-wheel motorcycles on public roads. Applying for this endorsement follows the same process.
  • When you’re ready, in order to remove the “3” restriction you must pass a separate approved motorcycle training course on a two-wheeled motorcycle.

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