Ohio BMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 40 questions on the Ohio BMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 30 correctly to get a passing score (75%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official OH MC test.

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What should you do if you are braking and the front wheel locks up?

ARelease all brakes immediately
Release the front brake immediately
CRelease the rear brake immediately

If you front wheel locks while braking, you should immediately release the front brake and re-apply the brake when the lock is removed. Don't let go of the rear brake.

When tailgating another vehicle you:

AWill have less time to respond in case something happens
BWill have a limited view of the road ahead
CMay anger other drivers
All of the above

You should never tailgate another road user! Tailgating leads to a limited view of the road ahead, and you will have less time to react in case the driver in front brakes. For these reasons, tailgating is a common cause of rear-end collisions.

What are the rider requirements when it comes to wearing a helmet?

APassenger only must wear a helmet
BRiders only must wear a helmet
All motorcycle riders and helmets must wear helmets

All riders and passengers must use a U.S. DOT compliant motorcycle safety helmen when riding a motorcycle. A majority of all serious and fatal motorcyclist injuries are head injuries - and a helmet will greatly reduce head injuries.

Motorcyclists are allowed to place a transponder or other electronic payment device:

AOnly on the motorcycle
BOnly on the rider
On the motorcycle or the rider

Certain toll highways use transponders or electronic payment devices to detect riders as they pass the toll station. Refer to your local toll highway for instructions on how their toll reader system works.

In general, you may place the payment device in a number of locations as long as the toll reader can detect the device. These locations are: in your pocket; in a storage compartment, on the windshield, on the license plate device, or inside a cycle net draped across the gas tank.

You're turning right at an intersection. Do you have to yield to pedestrians crossing the street?

ANo, you have the right-of-way
BNo, but you can if you want to

When turning, look for pedestrians on the road you're turning into and be prepared to yield if they are crossing the street.

You should always try to yield to pedestrians regardless if they are right or wrong as they are much more vulnerable than other road users except bicylists.

If you are group riding, which of the following is NOT an example of when you should move into a single formation?

AWhen entering or leaving a highway
BWhen riding curves
CWhen turning
When riding on a straight roadway

When group riding, you should never ride directly alongside another rider as there will be no place to go if you spot a hazard on the road. You can either ride in a staggered formation (like a zig-zag line) or a single-file formation. These formations are good for different things, so you may have to shift formation frequently.

What should you be aware of when passing a large vehicle?

AYou are allowed to exceed the speed limit when passing large vehicles
BPassing large vehicles is prohibited on roads with a speed limit lower than 25 mph
It may take longer to pass

Due to trucks being much longer than passenger vehicles, they also take much longer to pass. It will also be harder to “fall back” in case you meet oncoming traffic.

Make sure you have more than enough distance to pass safely before passing.

What is the best way to stay safe while riding a motorcycle?

ABy never driving in heavy traffic
BBy always riding 10-15 mph below the speed limit
By having an appropriate following distance and looking well ahead

You won't be able to avoid driving in heavy traffic at all times, but you can increase your safety on the roads by having an appropriate following distance to the vehicle in front so you can easily stop if something happens up ahead. Remember that the safest speed in traffic is the speed of the traffic flow so you don't have to brake, stop, or accelerate.

Which helmet offers the best protection to the back and sides of your head?

AA half shell
BA three-quarters
Full-face helmet

The full-face helmet offers the best protection in case of an accident, and it also provides the best coverage. Regardless of the type of helmet you select, it must fit snugly, be without any defects or loose parts, and be securely fastened on your head when you ride.

If you grab the font brake or jam down on the rear brake:

The brakes can lock
BYou will use the maximum power available to stop in an emergency
CYou will slow down the quickest on wet or slippery roads

Do not jam down on the rear brake or forcefully grab the front brake. If you do, you're likely to cause the front or rear brakes to lock.

You’re driving in wet conditions. What should you do?

AMaintain a two-second following distance
Slow down to avoid hydroplaning
CDrive at the speed limit to avoid causing a queue

Driving in wet conditions is challenging. You will see less, have increased stopping distances, and have a harder time controlling your motorcycle. Driving at high speeds on wet roads, especially in combination with under-inflated tires or tires with poor tread depth, also increases the chance of hydroplaning - so slow down when there is water on the road.

Why should you deactivate your turn signals as soon as possible after a turn?

AThe flashing light can blind other drivers, especially at night
Other drivers may still expect you to make a turn in the direction you are signaling
CIt's illegal to keep the turn signals activated for more than 2 seconds after a turn
DAll of the above

Always double-check that your turn signals have been turned off after you have completed the turn. If they are still activated, other drivers may drive directly across your path expecting you to turn again in the direction your signals are indicating. For example; if you are signaling left but riding straight ahead, another vehicle may turn in front of you.

In a rear-view or side mirror, small vehicles appear _____ and appear to be traveling _____ than they really are.

AFarther away; faster
Farther away; slower
CCloser; faster
DCloser; slower

A small object appears farther away and will appear to be traveling slower than they actually are. A common cause of motorcycle accidents is when drivers pull out in front of the motorcyclist, expecting to have plenty of time but misjudging the distance to the motorcyclist.

You intend to turn left at a traffic light intersection with a red arrow. What does the red arrow indicate?

AYou may turn in the direction the arrow is pointing
You must stop and wait for a green arrow before turning
CYou must wait unless the road is clear of traffic. If clear, you may turn
DYou may turn after yielding to oncoming traffic

A red arrow indicates that turning is prohibited in the direction of the arrow. You may proceed when the arrow has changed to green.

Why is it especially problematic to have had one or two alcoholic drinks as a rider?

ARiders will be more affected due to their posture on the motorcycle
Riders need to be fit and alert to execute quick and skillfull decisions
CRiders are more affected by alcohol due to the helmet keeping out fresh air

Riders need to be especially alert and fit when driving to adapt to changing road and traffic conditions. Alcohol will greatly affect your ability to think clearly and be a safe rider, even if you have only had one or two drinks.

You notice a cut in the sidewall of a tire. What should you do?

AHave the tire changed after your day's ride
BRide as usual unless the tire starts to wobble
Have it fixed immediately

A cut in the sidewall of a tire is very dangerous as it can result in a tire blowout. Do not ride a motorcycle that has a tire in this condition - have it fixed immediately.

How can you calculate the following distance?

APick a moving object and count the seconds until you pass the same object
BYour following distance is sufficient when you can’t read the number plate of the vehicle in front
Pick a stationary object and count the seconds until you pass the same object

Increase the following distance if too close. Maintaining a sufficient following distance is vital to prevent unnecessary accidents as it’ll give you more time to stop if you have to.

You’re riding in the far-left lane on a multi-lane freeway and you want to take the next exit. What should you do if you must cross several lanes to exit?

ACross multiple lanes at a time
Cross one lane at a time

If you need to cross several freeway/highway lanes - do so one at a time. The risk of an accident greatly increases if you cross multiple lanes at a time.

Frequent head checks should:

AOnly be done if you intend to change lanes or turn anytime soon
Be part of your normal scanning routine

By integrating shoulder/head checks into your normal scanning routine, you will always know how vehicles are acting around you. This will enable you to maintain a safe space cushion around your motorcycle and allow you to swerve in a safe direction, if needed. If you don't check your blind spots regularly, swerving in any direction can be extremely dangerous.

What will wearing brightly colored clothes help with?

AOther drivers will always be able to see you
Other drivers will see you more easily
CIt's for aesthetic purposes only

Clothes are there to protect the rider in an accident and to help prevent accidents in the first place by increasing the riders visibility to others. Wear brightly colored motorcycle clothes any time you can.

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Ohio?

Once you have taken and passed your permit test, here is how to get your motorcycle license in Ohio:

  • The process of getting your motorcycle license looks different depending on your age.
  • If you are 18 or older, you can schedule your on-street skills test as soon as you are ready.
  • At the time of your skills test, you must present a valid Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC) as evidence you passed all necessary permit requirements.
  • You can waive your road skills test if you complete a Motorcycle Ohio course within 60 days of your license application.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must hold your TIPIC for at least 6 months and complete a driver education course with 50 hours of practice driving (10 of which must be at night).
  • After these requirements are fulfilled, you can schedule your road skills test. Note, this test can be waived with the completion of a Motorcycle Ohio safety course.

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