Wisconsin DMV Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2022

There are 25 questions on the Wisconsin DMV motorcycle test, and you will need to answer at least 20 correctly to get a passing score (80%). The questions in our sample tests are nearly identical to those on the official WI MC test.

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Young motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident. Why?

AThey are riding too slowly
They are inexperienced and overconfident
CThey do not check their blind spot as well as experienced riders

It comes down to two things; overconfidence and inexperience. Young motorcyclists often make poor decisions that result in accidents. The right attitude is as important as safe-driving skills.

How can you avoid the problem of opening doors and people stepping out from between vehicles?

ASlow down by 15-20 mph
Move to the left part of the lane
CActivate your high beams so people can see you coming

By moving to the left portion of your lane you can avoid car doors opening & people moving out from between cars.

What causes most wobbles?

AImproper loading
BIncorrect tire pressure
Both of the above

A wobble is when the front wheel and handlebars suddenly shake from side to side at any speed. Improper loading or incorrect tire pressure are the most common causes of wobble. If you are carrying a heavy load and experience wobble, lighten or shift the load. Check that the tire pressure, air shocks, damper,s and shock spring preload are at their recommended setting for the weight you are carrying.

Which of the following is true?

Motorcyclists have blind spots just like other drivers
BMotorcyclists do not have blind spots due to their small size

Before you turn or change lanes, you need to do a shoulder check to look in your blind spot. If the road has several lanes, a driver may be driving in your blind spot and try to move into the same space you plan to take. A quick shoulder check will help you locate this vehicle.

Which of the following are early signs of fatigue?

ABlurry vision
BInconsistent or unpredictable braking
CInconsistent speed
All of the above

If you experience any of these symptoms, pull off the road for a while!

Slower reaction time and microsleeping (falling asleep for a very short time) are also signs that you’re too tired to drive.

What should you do in case of heavy bleeding?

AApply light pressure to the wound
Apply firm pressure to the wound
CLower the injured area if possible

Find the source of the bleeding. Make a pad using some kind of available clean cloth, and apply firm pressure. Raise the injured area if possible - it may reduce the bleeding.

While stopped, you should remain in:

1st gear
B2nd gear
C3rd gear
DAny gear

Remain in 1st gear when you are stopped so you can quickly move out quickly if needed.

Does the condition of your brakes affect the stopping distance?


The overall condition of your vehicle will affect the stopping distance. Fully functioning brakes and good tires are two factors that determine the stopping distance.

Which of the following may affect your riding strategy?

All of the above

Thes are all examples of road and surface characteristics that will influence your riding strategy and escape routes. As you need to have a plan to reduce risks and an escape route in mind any time you spot a hazard, all of these things will impact your riding strategy as you move toward the hazard. For example; Guardrails mean you may not be able to swerve quickly to avoid an accident.

An obstruction on the road ahead forces you to stop behind another vehicle on a sharp ascent uphill. Where should you stop?

A sufficient distance behind the vehicle in front of you
BJust behind the vehicle in front of you
CAt least 50 feet away

Vehicles may roll back slightly before moving off when parked or stopped uphill/downhill. For this reason, you must keep a sufficient distance from any parked or stopped vehicle in front.

Which of the following is a good way to handle multiple hazards?

AHandle them all at the same time
Deal with each hazard separately as single hazards

If you come upon two or more hazards, you first need to evaluate which of the hazards is the most immediate and dangerous. Then, adjust your speed so you can deal with one hazard at a time as single hazards. By treating each hazard separately, you will also reduce the complexity of your decision-making.

Should you combine braking and swerving?

AIf braking is required, yes

Separate braking from swerving - i.e. only brake before or after swerving. If you brake while swerving, you increase the risk of falling over.

You're driving on a divided highway - what color is the left-most edge line?


A solid yellow line indicates the left-most edge of the road on divided highways and some one-way streets.

Motorcycle jackets, pants, and boots are designed to _____, even when it is warm outside.

Protect without making you overheat
BProtect at the cost of making you overheat
CProtect, at the cost of reducing your movement

Motorcycle clothes are designed to protect without causing you to overheat, even when it is warm outside. During cold days, you may want to stack several layers to keep warm.

You're riding at night and become dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. How should you act?

ATurn your headlights to high beam
Slow down and stop if necessary
CActivate your emergency flashers

If you are dazzeld by the heaadlights of an oncoming vehicle, you may need to slow down and stop until you have regained vision fully. You can avoid being dazzled by others by looking to the right side of the road as you pass a vehicle with high beams activated.

What helmet must child passenger use?

AA half-shell U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet
BA three-quarters U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet
CA modular U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet
A full-faced U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet

Children must wear a full-faced U.S. DOT compliant properly-fitted motorcycle safety helmet. Do not use a half-shell, three-quarters or modular helmet on children. Make sure the helmet is fitted properly so it does not come off in an accident.

How can you tell if a tire has gone flat on your motorcycle?

AYou will hear it
You can tell from the way the motorcycle reacts

Do not expect that you will hear when a tire goes flat. Instead, you will notice how your motorcycle begins to handle differently. If the front tire goes falt, the steering will feel heavy. If the rear tire goes flat, the back of the motorcycle may begin to sway or jerk from side to side.

How will becoming cold affect you while riding a motorcycle?

AYou will have improve reaction times
You will lose concentration
CYou will be more alert

Staying warm while riding a motorcycle can be difficult, especially during a long journey. Use quality motorcycle-clothing so you stay warm and have some protection in case of a crash. If you become cold while riding, it will affect your concentration.

Passing across double solid yellow center lines is:


Double solid yellow center lines indicate that passing is prohibited in either direction.

What should drivers be extra cautious for in busy traffic?

APolice guiding traffic
Filtering motorcyclists
CAnimals on the road
DChanging weather conditions

In busy/rush hour/slow-moving traffic, motorcyclists tend to filter through traffic between lanes. Be aware of that when turning or changing lanes as motorcyclists are vulnerable and hard to spot.

Is the Wisconsin Motorcycle Written Test Hard?

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle License in Wisconsin?

Once you have your permit, here are your next steps to get your Wisconsin motorcycle license:

  • From traffic laws to road signs, you will learn everything you need to know to pass your permit test and stay safe on the road.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a motorcycle permit or endorsement. If you are under 18, you will also need a sponsor with your application.
  • If you are 18 or older, once you’ve passed the written test, you can schedule your skills test in order to receive your license endorsement.
  • Otherwise, you can complete a Basic Motorcycle Rider Course and present your certificate of completion in order to waive your skills test.
  • If you are under 18, the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course is required before you can apply for your endorsement.
  • You are also required to take the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course if you held three previous motorcycle instruction permits that expired before you applied

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