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Why use Zutobi?

Zutobi’s popular courses for car, motorcycle and CDL will prepare you to ace your permit test on the first try.

• Pass your written knowledge test on the first try
• Feel confident you’ll learn the entire driver’s handbook
• Get your license and become roadworthy the easy way

Our smart platform will adapt to your needs and quiz you on your weak areas. The advanced learning algorithm helps you prepare for the actual test in the most effective way.”

Is Zutobi available on web and mobile?

Yes! Our courses are available at all times on the web and in our mobile iOS / Android apps. You can switch seamlessly between web and mobile to study at any time, anywhere.

How does the Zutobi’s DMV prep course work?

Our course for car is an all-in-one course for new drivers. We cover the entire driver’s handbook in every state and provide all the permit practice tests you need to learn and ace your test. The theory chapters and practice tests are placed into bite-sized chapters that are easy to read and understand. This means you will fully understand each topic before you move on.

• For every state, we have summarized each chapter from the driver’s handbook and added pictures, illustrations and tips to help you understand each situation.
• At the end of each chapter, you will answer state-specific exam-like questions about the chapter.

If you only want to study exam-like questions, we got you covered. You can study our database of 550+ practice questions as many times as you need.

How does Zutobi’s CDL course work?

The CDL course is loaded with information about driving a commercial vehicle. It contains questions and practice tests based on the CDL handbook. Each question is created to help you learn and comes with a detailed explanation.

Zutobi’s large database of questions for the CDL exam(s) consists of over 40 practice tests with exam-like questions. In total, you get access to over 880 unique questions covering the entirety of the CDL handbook.

How does Zutobi’s motorcycle course work?

The motorcycle course is full with information about riding a motorcycle, including 24 practice tests for the motorcycle permit test. These questions cover all aspects of riding a motorcycle.

What does the summarized driver’s handbook contain?

Our summarized driver’s handbook is an improved version of the official driver’s handbook. We have covered the chapters in the driver’s handbook and added hundreds of pictures and illustrations to make it much easier to understand and remember the traffic laws. We have also added information about defensive driving techniques, eco-driving, parking tips, and much more.

Will the course satisfy the state licensing requirements?

Our car courses are not state-approved which means they do not satisfy the driver’s education option for young drivers that must attend state-approved driver’s education. However, we highly recommend that our courses are still used as a complement to ensure you learn the road rules, defensive driving, and everything needed to ace your DMV test.

For everyone that does not need a certificate of completion from a state-approved driver’s ed course – our online course is all you need.

For CDL, we are licensed to issue Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) certification to the TPR.